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  1. Hi, where did you get your riser cable? I need one very similar and I'm having an extremely hard time finding one
  2. I fixed my problem by reseting Groove Music, by right clicking on it in the start menu then going to its settings and scrolling down to 'Reset'
  3. I have this same issue and I'm using an SD card - I can't format the SD card and the card isn't defective in any way. Also, some of the music is showing up correctly, but most of it isn't.
  4. I don't think so, either way if they did it wouldn't matter until the second or third set of RAM
  5. I have now done enough testing to conclude that the Intel 5520 chip/set was overheating, similar to this forum post I found. I had a hunch it'd be something to do with the chipset so I did a bit of searching, and this scenario was very similar. This toasty boy right here. This was the testing solution while doing troubleshooting outside of the case a couple of days ago, all crashing stopped from this point onwards. And finally the permanent solution. I cable tied this fan to the screwholes unused by my ATX Define R4. Haven't had a crash so far. Fun fact, the fan came from a computer I got for free from the dump. It's actually a really strong fan and it's really quiet too.
  6. Update: I'm not sure whether this is a symptom, but I think I hear a similar click sound to when the PC shuts down every now and again while it's running. It's not as loud but it's a very similar sound.
  7. Hello, the original LTT forum post I made for this was in 'CPUs Motherboards and Memory' and is found here, however this post is more refined and I believe this section to be more appropriate after delving into the issue as much as I can. System Specs: Motherboard: Tyan s7012G4MNR (Link to manual; Pg10-12 for PCIe slot layout and labels) Chipset: Intel 5520 / ICH10R CPU: 2x Xeon X5660 GPU: R9 280 (Tested with GT 210 as well) Ram: 2x8GB, Single Channel PSU: EVGA 850W G2 Basically: Do you have any idea why using a graphics card would cause the system to completely power-off crash? It started happening when I moved the GPU from the x4 slot (PCIE3) to an x8 (PCIE4 or PCIE5) slot, and I was using PCIe WiFi and USB3 cards in those slots beforehand without any issue. And it doesn't matter whether it's a GT 210 or an R9 280, the crashing occurs. ****I should add that the problem has now occurred even with the graphics card in its original slot (PCIE3) I need the GPU to be in one of the x8 slots because of bottlenecking which was happening in the x4 slot (something to do with going through both the Intel 5520 and the ICH10R chip as far as I can tell, rather than just the Intel 5520.) Finally, it happens pretty sporadically and instantly, no blue screen and no crash dump. The system just clicks itself off without warning of any kind. Seems to occur more often when using Firefox or loading/playing GTAV. Things I've done: -Reset the BIOS settings -Tested CPU Thermals with Prime95 -Cleaned and reinstalled GPU drivers using DDU Things I've considered: -Flashing the BIOS (Extremely wary, never done it before) -Reinstalling Windows (Going to buy a cheap hard drive and try this tomorrow) -It could maybe be something to do with PCIe power delivery through the motherboard? Thanks in advance if there is anything you can advise. I'm really desperate at this point I'm completey out of my depth.
  8. How would one find out whether a motherboard supplies enough power through it's PCIe slots? I have tyan S7012 and an R9 280 which might be having power issues.
  9. How would doing this permanently damage the parts? I'm having issues running this set up myself and trying to work out what's wrong with it.
  10. Hey did you ever buy/build this? I have the same motherboard and am having issues with running a GPU.
  11. Did you ever get this fixed? What fixed it?
  12. Solution: The GPU was being bottlenecked by the slot it was in. It was in the only PCIe 2.0 x4 slot and it was running through a different motherboard chip to all the others. Moving it to another slot removed the bottleneck and the problems mentioned above. EDIT: IT WAS ACTUALLY THE CHIPSET THERMAL THROTTLING.
  13. Further Update: System is crashing just as frequently as before, the above situation was purely by chance.
  14. Further Update: The System has crashed ONCE since doing this, so it isn't a fix but has drastically improved the situation.
  15. So a further update: Resetting the BIOS options from BIOS->Exit->Restore optimal defaults fixed the graphics card not working when in its original slot PCIE3. ...So I've put it in PCIE4 and reset the BIOS options and so far so good. I may report back if I can confirm or deny in a day or two.
  16. Okay so an update: Tried fiddling around with some BIOS options, they did nothing and now even with the graphics card in the slot PCIE3 the computer crashes and does so sooner than it used to
  17. What should I be looking for? I'm out of my depth when it comes to anything PCIe lane configuration.
  18. I should ad that it actually was a nice boost in gaming performance, and also that I usually do a couple of other things while gaming which made it really worth it. Also, it was £100 in total for the upgrade but I appreciate your concern.
  19. It happens with both an R9 280 and a GT 210, as I said in the post. And as I explained, the R9 280 was being bottlenecked in PCIE3 for some reason to do with the fact it was going through the second motherboard chip. And it WAS bottlenecked.
  20. Mostly gaming, got the system really cheap. They were an upgrade from an FX-6350.
  21. UPDATE: System crashes on LTT website (twice now). It crashed the first time immediately after submitting this post, and the second time as soon as Firefox loaded the webpage again.
  22. The title is as bizarre as this issue gets. -Specs- Motherboard: Tyan s7012G4MNR (Link to manual) Chipset: Intel 5520 / ICH10R CPU: 2x Xeon X5660 GPU: R9 280 (Tested with GT 210 as well) Ram: 2x8GB, Single Channel PSU: EVGA 850W G2 Here is a look at how the Motherboard Chipset is set up. The problem is that I was using my graphics card (R9 280) for almost a year through slot PCIE3, however I recently worked out it was being bottlenecked from going through the two motherboard chips for whatever reason. So I installed it in slots PCIE4 and PCIE5 but in either, the computer hard crashes when *using a graphics card*. Be the graphics card an R9 280 or a GT 210 in either of those two slots. That means when playing games or watching videos. -Things it's not- Thermals are fine (Year of use in PCIE3 proves this) Power consumption is fine (Year of use in PCIE3 proves this) Edit: The PCIe slots have been working fine with a USB3.0 and a WiFi Card So yeah, I've narrowed it down to something to do with the Intel 5520 chip and the PCIe slots coming off it. I've reinstalled chipset drivers, reset the BIOS, reinstalled graphics drivers. I have no idea where to go from here. Please help! EDIT: I should add that it happens spontaneously, it could be 30secs into playing a game or half an hour but it always happens. In addition to this, it seems to take longer to occur if I turn it back on again just after the crash.
  23. If I connect two computers to a Gigabit switch, then the switch to a 100Mbps router, will transfers between the two computers be 1Gb or 100Mb? I can't find a straight answer to this anywhere. I've found out that the Router attributes IP addresses but not really fully understood how integrated it is into LAN connections. Thanks for any help