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  1. Its java, basically the same thing as c#. I haven't but I just solved it. int b = 0; needed to be declared outside of the loop because it reset b back to 0 every time it looped
  2. I just started school and I'm having trouble with a program the loop works as intended except b=b+a; It was my belief that b=b+a; would add the value of "a" to "b" and as the program loops "b" would store the grand total of every "a" value calculated, but instead "b" ends up always equal to "a" Scanner UserInput = new Scanner(System.in); int input = UserInput.nextInt(); //input ==1234 int length = String.valueOf(input).length();//length ==4 while (length>0) { length--; int a = (int)( input/(Math.pow(10, length)));// a==1,a==2,a==3,a==4 int b = 0; b=b+a; //b should ==10 by the end of the loop 1+2+3+4 System.out.println("b Sum =" + b); //these 3 lines are just for debugging System.out.println ("a =" + a); System.out.println ("length" +length); input = (int)(input - (Math.pow(10,length)) * a); }
  3. Im beginning a computer science class this year and was wondering what I should be practicing in my free time to better assimilate myself into my potential future jobs. Like to prepare myself for the class I've been refreshing myself in C# scripting and building games in Unity mostly because it's fun and it's a constricted medium that allows me to just code and not have to think too much about what to code, and a few automation scripts to make my computer use a bit more streamlined. The Class teaches an Object oriented programming language(don't know which one), HTML ,JavaScript , SQL, PHP and other more general computer/IT skills but I want to know what else I should be doing, what wont school teach me that would be useful to know and look good on a resume
  4. Yeah i guess, but you could also watch cowboy bebop for the first time and also find it kind of meh, like when we watched it for the thread i didnt love it, it took its self too seriously and felt like it was smelling its own farts, classics of yesteryear arnt for everyone either. Likenit might have done something ground breaking at the time that other series have borrowed from but watching it now might seem derivative. Where sure, you cant see the forrest throught the trees, cowboy bebop DID do it first but by now its been done 10 times over really well. Its shine is lost to the luster of new gems. Maybe you're just not the same generation. They're equally proper fans its just what you consider a modern classic for them is just a classic and your classics are ancient classics. Like when i got into anime there was no way i was goi g back abmnd watching lensman, or big O cause those were freakin old
  5. There's too much good modern anime to try and keep up with. I dont think people need to do their homework to know what they like. Like to think that the most popular anime is any different than how most of us got into anime (dragonball, naruto, bleach, inuasha, cardcaptors, yugioh) those were plenty of our first anime. Its just a new generation, and with the progression of time that the amount of great anime you have have to watch would get unreasonable. Whens the cutoff date? And who dictates what has to be seen? Its ridiculous. Really, there shouldn't be elitism if they like what they like, thats great. We shouldnt pu ourselves or our favorite anime on a pedestal.
  6. Omg your general tips, thanks a million i'll definitely have to look into the portable wifi. I learnt hiragana a few years ago i can sound things out but dont know it.
  7. Theres a discord? How do i join?
  8. Im planning on landing in Osaka and working my way north to atleast Tokyo. Im planning on staying for a month on a budget of 5000-10000$ depending on how cheap or how expensive it ends up being. Im not really sure, like yeah, still got weeb blood flowing through my veins but i also want to go experience things that are super outside my comfort zone. Dont speak any Japanese so that kinda works. But its also just the only vacation ive ever taken and its the first time i can afford the time. July is when im financially comfortable with leaving my job i could do August but then i go to school in September. And im in great physical condition. 26years ,6'1 180lb gym for an hour a day every day. Nothing physical is off limits
  9. Been a while since ive been on the site but im planning a trip to japan in July and was wondering if there are any recommendations on where to visit, what i should experience. Figured this thread might have a few ideas.
  10. So these are probably fine but order quality o-rings just to be sure. Will do.
  11. I googled "watercooling canada" I ended up on a website called DazMode which seems to be based out of Canada, and they have "Darkside" fittings for about 3$ a piece from my understanding they are just re-branded Barrow fittings. But I don't know if they're ok or not. I would prefer white fittings. https://www.dazmode.com/store/shop/watercooling/hard-tube-90-degree-rotary-fitting-1012mm-white/ https://www.dazmode.com/store/shop/watercooling/fittings/hard-tube-fittings/12mm-od-ht-fittings/hard-tube-straight-fitting-1012mm-white/
  12. First time custom loop and Im just looking at ordering rigid tubing and compression fittings but I want to make sure that what I order is going to be compatible. I need 5 normal fittings and 5 right angle fittings and I'm looking and some fittings say they are for soft tubing only, is this concrete or can they also be used with acrylic tubing? I'm figuring I should find the fittings I like then buy tubing that's compatible with them but where is the best place to buy them? I also don't want to end up spending too much like some places I'm looking a 90 degree fitting is 35$ and I need 5 of them. I don't really want to spend more than 10$ a piece.
  13. yeah, I decided to just bite the bullet and order the block from aliexpress, and order the other parts when it arrives.
  14. I have an Asus 1070 dual and there doesn't seem to be a waterblock that will fit it, so Im wondering if there is a CPU waterblock that would work in the G12? I would like to have a custom loop for my CPU and GPU but I'm kinda stumped on the GPU part. Like I'm thinking. Ek slim 120 starter - mostly for the pump/res combo that mounts on a fan Chinese waterblock - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/BYKSKI-NIVDIA-GTX1070-O8G-SI-GAMING-GTX1060-O6G-SI-Full-Cover-Graphics-Card-Water-Cooling-Block/32818054240.html (but I don't know the quality and I don't want to wait 30 days to get it. Can I just rig a CPU block to a G12 in the loop? don't want to use an AIO cause Im still waiting on an RMA for my H100i premium se that came with a leak, gonna just return it and use the 200 towards a custom loop would rather be able to just fix the damn thing if it leaks.
  15. I'll take that as a Probably not. But I got on the Unity Forums was int i; } if(int.TryParse (String, out i)) { so Imma look into that and see what I can work with. Don't have great hopes.