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  1. I already have an SSD in my PC, but my mom's desktop doesn't and its sooooo slow. Everything takes forever to load on that old HDD. It's painful to use.. I have been planing on buying an SSD for her so this would be an awesome gift. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Good luck everyone!
  2. 4k video! The camera on the S6 Edge is amazing
  3. Anything would be better than the generic Microsoft mouse I'm currently using. But their mouses actually looks super cool. would be awesome if I got one.
  4. Vessel Username - GDDR9 ​My favorite videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf Tweet: https://twitter.com/GDDR9/status/580276410272514048 gl everyone
  5. The the reason I don't use this is that Google always seems to get my home location wrong. Everywhere else it works great but my house is always placed down the street. And using wifi to unlock may be less demanding than having GPS on all the time, even thought i typically do.
  6. This is a nice addition but I'm still a little skeptical about it tough.But smart lock was never really about absolute security but more convenience. What they need to add is a wifi unlock so your device would always be unlocked at home.
  7. No (but really yes) is actually how I feel. They should just release it as an unlisted video
  8. I would love this. I would give it to my parents because it would actually be more powerful that their current computer . Would just need to sort out storage.
  9. If u got this I would replace my FX-8320. A simple cpu swap should be easy enough. Cuz that would totally work right. >.>
  10. My favorite would be the cooler because it would be much better than my current air cooler. I'm really wanting the power supply as well because I cant really overclock with my current one.
  11. So let me get this straight and correct me if I'm wrong. The Season pass applies for "next gen" consoles too right? So for multiplayer you would need to pay for Internet(obviously) PSN or Xbox live And the season pass just to play PVP??
  12. The 970 is a beast and I actually like the cooler for this car would be a lot better than what I'm currently running
  13. I remember the first time I heard about Linus was actually on one of Austin's streams, when he was mentioning other tech YouTubers. That was like in like 2012 when he still use to do that. During the stream I checked out the channel and immediately subscribed. Been watching ever since. LTT was one of my major source of info for computers and general tech. it was only around that time that I started to show a real interest in tech. I always liked computers and stuff but never really knew much of how they were made. I didn't do IT in school but because of Linus and other YouTubers I knew more than most students in school that were actually doing IT. And now this year I built my first computer. LTT, Techquickie and Channel super fun are my favorite channels on YouTube and I'm always lurking the forums either in the tech news sections or looking at build logs. Linus you and your team are doing an amazing job! Keep up the amazing videos!
  14. I love the fact that it has a dedicated camera button and the fact that it has front facing speakers makes it amazing! dbrand is an awesome company. There skins are very high quality and their twitter rapping skills are sick!