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About Decon

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    sudo su -

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    Not Telling
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    staying sane
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    I am a person (or maybe a robot) that exists and does things
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    srsly, wish I had a job :/


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    2880x1800 laptop built-in display + ancient dell and compaq monitors that neighbors donated)
  • Keyboard
    Razer Orbweaver w/Cherry MX browns, Ducky Shine mini, laptop keyboard, Geyes fold-out keyboard, old Apple keyboard, dell full keyboard...
  • Mouse
    Razer Naga Epic (old model) / Logitech M150 (I think...)
  • Sound
    ATH M50x
  • Operating System
    OSX Mavricks, Ubuntu 15 + 14, Win 10 tech preview / Freenas / Fedora server / arch linux
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  1. Why did you click on this profile?

    1. Oberon.Smite


      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

    2. CUDAcores89


      Because I want to know why he was banned.

  2. Decon

    12Gb of ram unusable

    memory leak? idk lol
  3. Decon

    Would You Rather, Day 299 - Social Programs

    education because it generates skill and revenue rather than consuming it
  4. Decon

    Mac or Windows for beginner programmer?

    Linux M8 get Arch running with GNOM3 and life is good I'd start with python then again I HATE java for... reasons seriously java need to stop being a thing
  5. if you can deal with the stuttering on 3-way than yeah
  6. no not with any card in existence right now >.>
  7. thought you used to have a GTX 970 / Phenom build... What happened to those?

    1. Aniallation


      I got this rig for free and once I considered how rarely I find myself playing games anymore it was more worth it to sell the nicer build.

  8. Decon

    Laptop Stuck in boot loop HELP!

    re install windows? sounds like she tried to install it but somehow it got corrupted
  9. Decon

    [ARG] NOSTRADAMUS- Seek What Is True- Tier 1

    the blue text hurt my eyes
  10. okay.... this is old news TBH thanks for sharing though; status material maybe? eh... I'm not a mod...
  11. Decon


    I can relate
  12. Decon

    French say 'Non, merci' to encryption backdoors

    indeed, although an unknown algorithm could theatrically pose a greater barrier to cracking than a well-know open-source standard
  13. Gonna be reviving my X8DAH+-F with two E5620's in a SuperMicro 2u case and getting some hopefully non defective X5670's soon... Hype

  14. Decon

    Best LTT "quotes"

    link to the "godly is a good mod" quote?
  15. Decon

    French say 'Non, merci' to encryption backdoors

    things are always more secure when you can see the full source code