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    Intel lga 2011 i7 4820k
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    Asus rampage iv black edition
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    Avexir 32GB
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    Asus strix 780 6gb oc
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    In Win 909
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    Samsung 840 Evo 256 and seagate barracuda 2 tb
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    Corsair rm1000
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    asus pg278q
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    custom loop
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    sennheiser hd598
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    Hiding in the Pagani factory
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  1. The Germans have an incredible ability to over engineer simple things. I have made the mistake of trying to put a drink in the boxster’s cup holders while driving.
  2. there is also an informational article here https://iedeiblog.com/2011/02/16/group-s-and-the-secret-audi-prototype/
  3. yep i believe they use the same i5 as the sport quattro e2
  4. That is precisely why I like it, you would never expect this cute little rally car to be packing about 1000 hp
  5. If were talking about rare audis I have always been partial to the group s prototype.
  6. Went to a large car show yesterday. About 1 to 2k cars. Met Rob Ferretti in his student driver corvette. I don't follow him anymore but it was still an interesting experience. And finally got to see the Huracan Performante and Bugatti Veyron SS "Pur Blanc"in person after each of them a couple times.
  7. https://www.alphabetenergy.com/ They mostly use it in industrial settings, but they are trying to make the technology cheap and efficient enough that it can be transferred over properly.
  8. I am not to fond of the Zonda Anija. I think the owner messed around with the aesthetics little too much. The only redeeming quality for me is the exhaust, I dont know what aftermarket manufacturer he used but its certainly not stock and it sounds pretty awesome. In the spoiler you can see the main different iterations of the Anija. note: none of the modifications were done by Pagani.
  9. Instant Translation – Right in your Ear!

    How could you have a product like this and not make a babelfish reference? @nicklmg @LinusTech
  10. Alright, I would start off with taking cars from gta and adding police equipment. Mainly because adding the equipment itself will be identical whether your using a gta car or a car from forza. Also using items solely from gta will make it less likely to crash the game. Then actually converting cars. Most people start off converting an unlocked gta iv vehicle mod to gta v and that is what most of the tutorials revolve around. I find this next link to be one of the most helpful.Its in french but auto translating with google works well. Its a written guide that goes over a lot of the small stuff that the videos seem to miss. https://scrat-tech.fr/modding-gta-v/tutoriels-modding-gta-5/creer-vehicule-gta-v-tuto-complet/ if you have anymore questions or questions while learning how to convert just let me know
  11. I don't really rip models myself. The ripping software is kinda sketchy, but most people don't have any issues. I just stay away from that side of modding. Besides most car models from games are on http://gamemodels.ru I have never had any viruses malware ect. from download there rips, but you should still scan it on something like virus total. Just to clarify with the next part of your question are you interested in converting stock gta cars to police cars or cars from other games to police cars and putting them in gta?
  12. @chaozbandit corrected a couple textures thanks again
  13. These work perfectly. thank you! this is what I have textured atm. But with these pictures I can get it a bit closer to the proper look.
  14. Yeah well you have to wait longer on anything else that comes to north america (secretly super jealous)