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    Hiding in the Pagani factory
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  1. The back isn't terrible, I am just not a fan of what they did with the front. Also comparing it to the front engine Ferraris that Pininfarina had designed prior to this, its just nowhere near as memorable.
  2. The 1980s were not Pininfarina's finest decade, the 037 is their only car from the 80s that I enjoy looking at.
  3. the owner is getting a matching Huayra Roadster as well. I agree for the exterior, although I prefer the regeras interior. The regera has the first interior made by koenigsegg that actually fits the price point of the car.
  4. Alive but busy. Got her first oil change/general inspection under my ownership. Haven’t driven her as much as I would like to recently, mostly because of the snow and the fact that having the top up creates two massive blind spots which makes it a bit more nerve wracking to drive. Come springtime I’ll get to enjoy her a bit more.
  5. Perfection! Its a shame we'll probably never see any of these out on the roads
  6. Sparky's RS is not the same as the world record car. They are oddly close in spec though.
  7. Definitely not a stock motor, but also not a completely new design, its a heavily modified 4 liter audi V8. The base engine is used in the RS6 Avant. Edit: some people say it a retune but Lamborghini still maintains that they modified the original design.
  8. I quite like it as well (just not in yellow), plus its a monumental leap forward for Lamborghini. First factory turbocharged Lamborghini
  9. Red carbon is one of the best chiron specs. Speaking of bugatti have you seen that the vision gt finally has an owner and is now in California?