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AMD Lover

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Status Updates posted by AMD Lover

  1. I hate it when your dad obviously doesnt give a shit about what you do with computers

  2. I hate some of your guys GIFS. I cant stop starring at them!!

  3. I hate Windows 10

  4. I think I could listen to Maroon 5 all day, lol

  5. I think i need to clean out my rad... #Folding

  6. I use paint because i want it to look like it was made that way not dipped in plastic.

  7. I write up a big paragraph to tell people info and then they dont read it :( Makes me mad people saying stuff about things they dont know about

    1. wng_kingsley7


      What was the post regarding?

  8. Just looked through 7,007 Corsair items on eBay. Found 2 good deals, lol

  9. Just swapped out my fans so that I can paint more of them!! I even did this while my computer was on!!! GO CHECK OUT MY BL>>>> Down in profile

  10. My 780 is now $475 in the Classifieds section

    1. frostytoast


      The ad says $375, I think you made a typo.

    2. AMD Lover
    3. Yummychickenblue
  11. Overclocking is a PITA

  12. Someone want to buy me some RAM? lol

    1. Flyguygamer


      I need some too

    2. XTankSlayerX


      I got 16GB of RAM for 70 bucks.

  13. Started out with around 1800dpi and now im comfortable using 3600 after gradually increasing. I was to used to old cheap mice

  14. Takes forever to upload 9MB images on a .65Mbps Upload connection

  15. Thinking of starting an indigogo campaign to help get a new computer for my high school technology teacher. What do you think? https://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/5223296a

  16. Viruses oh the viruses

  17. Waiting on my GPU RMA. Hopefully this one overclocks better. Even better would be if it got destroyed in shipping and USPS paid me the $500 insurance. Then I could get a 980!!!!

  18. Watchin' HELIX!!!!!!!!!

  19. When you run out of money, like completely L(

    1. EpicGeekonFire


      So you selling your 780?

  20. Windows is pissing me off