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AMD Lover

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  1. Everyone is saying Pixel 4 battery life sucks. I just went from 8am to 10pm and ended with 60%. People are just on the hate train because it wasn't some baller phone.


    The Samsung S series has hardly changed from S8 to S10 so stop yelling at Google for the same thing.

    1. lewdicrous


      My $270 phone has a 4000 mAh battery, while the pixel 4, an $800- $900 phone, has a 2800 mAh battery... the pixel 4 xl has a 3700 mAh battery.. these are flagship devices..

  2. Gaming Desktop build log has been updated, find the link in my BIO ? 

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    2. amdorintel


      wooooaaaaaaaaaaa AMD Lover's got linustech following him/her


      @OlympicAssEater   i too see no link

    3. AMD Lover
    4. Flying Sausages

      Flying Sausages

      > username is AMD Lover


      > Profile pic is Intel inside




  3. Oh how I wish I had 10Gb networking.


  4. Well lightning ran in on my phone line again. Fried both of my brand new APC SurgeArrest power strips and the $100 closed loop surge out on the service termination box. No equipment got fried, and APC is replacing my power strips free of charge within three days! Overall very happy with APC and their tech support.

  5. Am I like the only one who uses Skype?

    1. Bluejay0
    2. AMD Lover

      AMD Lover

      Only like 3 of my friends have an account on it.

  6. Been downloading my Steam games on my other computer for 2 days and one game left. Yeah, i know, great internet. To bad Google Fiber is ONLY 80 MILES AWAY!!!

  7. Build Update coming. Despite what the ASSHOLES say. Get Ready!

  8. Build Update Published. Go check it out, Link in my Contact Info

  9. Buying a GPU is hard

    1. Bluejay0


      Tell me about it...

  10. Damn I'm tired

  11. Damn ISP get your act together and fix my internet

    1. looney


      Just firebomb their HQ....

    2. looney


      o0 and linus media group is not responsible for your actions and bla bla bla and such :p

  12. Damn, exactly 500 likes

    1. eman21790


      Not anymore!!!! MUHAHAHA

    2. eman21790


      Nah, I am just joking lol

    3. AMD Lover

      AMD Lover

      Ah, here in a month I'll do a build log update and then it'll go over 500. BTW, this is a hint to anybody who likes my build log. They should be checking in on my profile every once in a while. :P

  13. Felt like a nerd when i went on about outlets in this thread

  14. Forgot i had my USB drive in the back of my computer and when i set it down i bent it over. Surprising it still works after bending it back, lol

  15. Go check out my build log, Its starting to get more updates. It should be getting one this week (May 18-22).

  16. Hey Guys!!! I'm On A Mountain.... I Climbed A Mountain!!! Why Did I Climb A Mountain???

    1. WhiteShadow


      cuz linus said to!

  17. Hey Guys.......

  18. I changed my 780 pricing and shipping a little

  19. I eat over my keyboard, sue me, lol\

  20. I feel stupid now that I bought a 780. Just why, I should've just gotten a 770

  21. I hate it when the power goes out

  22. I hate it when Windows 8 just decides to restart without your permission to finish an update...