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  1. I'm looking for a single cable solution (if it's possible) similar to the Caldigit TS3 Lite that Linus reviewed in this video but that supports at least 3 1080p monitors. I've looked into the Pluggable triple display dock but a pluggable representative told me that it won't work with 3 monitors on my MSI GS63VR. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Thanks for everyone's help. I ended up going with the MSI GS63vr Stealth Pro. Happy with it so far.
  3. Thanks for this, I'll hold off for now. Found the MSI GS73VR Stealth Pro-025, that looks like it'll do what I need for a decent price.
  4. How does the GL752VW-Q72SX-CB compare to the GL502VT-Q72S-CB? What I can tell from an online comparison chart is the main difference is a 960m vs 970m and the 752 has a 17" screen, if those are the only differences is it worth the $400 price difference for the 502? I don't think it would be for me as I'd rather save the $400 and potentially use if for a new card for my home system (which is where I would do most of my gaming anyway) but if it really is worth it or there are any other major differences that justify the price I'd love to know! Another somewhat important thing is I could get either of these two for $1599 and $1999 respectively with a 1-3 year interest free payment plan. Thanks again guys, you're all awesome!
  5. Thanks for the advice! I don't have a solid budget, I'm doing retraining from my previous occupation so I might be able to get some financial support when purchasing the laptop. I would say $2000 CAD would be the upper end of what I'd be able to pay myself. As for the ram and hard drives, I'm not shy about upgrading that myself, It seems like it may be more cost effective to do those upgrades rather than add those to the cost from the manufacturer. Are there generally warranty issues with upgrading Lenovo's?
  6. Hey, I'm going to school for computer programming this fall and I'm in the market for a laptop which is required for my program. The required specs are: Specifics required for your program are listed with an asterisk (**) Intel i7 or equivalent processor Minimum 12 GB of RAM ** 500 GB HD DVD R/W, (optional - Blu-Ray disc Reader) High-end graphics video card with 1GB of RAM Wireless 802.11 b/g USB 3.0 Windows 7 or newer For the best College experience we recommend: 10/100/1000 Ethernet Wireless 802.11ac 3 year warranty 2 hours of battery life The two suggested on the school website are the Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-C-009 - I5 and the ASUS ROG GI502 - I7 with campus store prices of $1099.99 and $1999.99 CAD respectively. I'm not very familiar with laptops, their pricing, and other things I should be looking for so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! EDIT: To add to the above requirements, ideally (but not necessary) I'd like something with 2 x 2.5" drive slots, I have an SSD I'd like to use as an OS drive and a HDD as data. Also, my budget is ~$2000CAD
  7. I don't know if you're set on either of those but I have the cm storm tkl and it has a number pad/navigation section which is switched using the num lock. Takes some getting used to but if you want a small form factor and still want a number pad I'd take a look at it.
  8. I have the Noppoo Choc mini wireless and it's pretty good, smaller than my cm storm tkl. I can't yet comment on battery life but I've had it for a few weeks and it's still rocking the two cheap AAA's I put in it. (It can also be used wired)
  9. trem7

    Sony Xperia Z2

    My favourite thing about the Z2 is the waterproofness, DBrand has awesome skins!