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  • CPU
    Amd Phenom II x4 965
  • Motherboard
    ASUS M4A78
  • RAM
    4GB DDR2
  • GPU
    Sapphire R7 260X
  • Storage
    WD 500 GB Blue
  • PSU
    Asus ATX-500Z
  • Display(s)
    Samsung Syncmaster 2494
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
    Minton MKB 1040
  • Mouse
    Razer Deathadder Chroma
  • Sound
    Havit HV-SK420
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1 Pro
  1. So, what you're saying, a windows reinstall could be the solution? I've done that far too many times already, I'd like to avoid that if possible
  2. The "Windows boot manager" is the first and only component in the boot menu, and by USB HDD is unplugged.
  3. I have the SSD on the first priority, can you tell me what fixed the problem for you?
  4. Yes, I have the latest BIOS, as well as all the other drivers, everything is up to date
  5. I have been exeriancing some issues with my PC lately. When I start my PC, or when I do a restart it sometimes takes 15-20 minutes to boot, and my OS is on a samsung 960 NVME SSD, so it should't really take more than a minute (if that). Sometimes it boots normally. I am using the MSI x370 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard, paired with a first generation Ryzen CPU (1600x) not overclocked (removed the overclock to fix the booting problem - no success), and 2 sticks of 8GB corsair vengeance DDR4 RAM (2667 MHz). In the picture below is what my screen looks like for those 15-20 minutes.
  6. I WHANT THOSE RGB LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. hello, every time I try to play GTA V it starts updating but fails, and it's like that EVERY SINGLE TIME! I tryed reinstalling it but it just install the update! PLS help! I'm using the rocksar method of launching the game (not on steam). Sorry for possible mistakes, i'm From Croatia....
  8. BSOD messages I get are:irql_not_less_or_equal, memory_managment, cache_managment, nonpaged_area...
  9. Hi, so i recently bought this ram kit from ebay and I put all 4 stick and I got a BSOD. I tryed every stick by itself and it worked. than I tryed putting 2 sticks and that also worked, but when I put 3 or 4 it gives me BSOD. PLEASE help, these are my specs: MOBO: ASUS M4A78 PSU: ASUS ATX-500Z CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 GPU: Saphire R7 260X Thanks for help and sry for wrong spelling i'm from croatia sooo
  10. Hi, soooo, I have this weird problem with Dxtory and/or Cs:Go. when i'm on main screen, map selection, and map loading the FPS is showing, but as soon as the map loads (when I get that 5sec timer and continue buttot) the fps dissapears! can anyone help me please; I whant to rec gameplay for my Yt channel but I can't! My Rig (Game-Debate)