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    99% of the time my brain is thinking blah, meh, why, huh, WTF, food, and computers. The other 1% I’m usually asleep.
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    Director - Lead Infrastructure @ nTuring Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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  1. the best way for shares would be to run Ubuntu Server with ZFS partitioning, simplifies management a lot.
  2. currently running an r7 265 in my rig, in dire need of an upgrade. oh and gibe nao pls
  3. Perfect for night time movie/gaming sessions on the terrace! Would love to win one!
  4. It'll do just fine at 1080p medium to high settings.
  5. Well i like the size of the ZBOX EN970 because i could mount it to the wall alongside my monitor and not have a mid-tower balancing on a stool because the cables are too short. Also my cat won't be able to put her hair all over the insides of the ZBOX MAGNUS.
  6. Winning this would save me a lot in the x99 build i was planning for 2months later! that will let me buy a better GPU and Overclock it to high heaven!
  7. My favourite is the cpu cooler because i plan on overclocking my cpu, also i'm broke and i can afford almost none of the above. Hope i win!
  8. The design looks amazing! hope i can win this cuz i cant afford anything above a gtx 650...
  9. The Best part of the Z2 is EVERYTHING! I use a crap phone made by an indian brand and i'm trying to get a new phone but my parents wont let me.... I love the dbrand skins having purchased one and they are truly awesome! Hope i win this!