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    Underground Aperture Lab
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    Hitting keys all day.
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    A crazy computer building Robot Who Likes Space!
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    Aperture Laboratories Test Subject Number 628


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    Intel 4790k
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    Asus ROG Maximus VII Hero
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    16 GB Corsair Vengeance Pro Series
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    NZXT Phantom 530
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    WD 1TB Black
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    Corsair AX760
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    Asus PB238Q
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    Corsair H100i
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    Mad Catz Rat TE

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  1. I do not actually have the connector portion of the cable, otherwise I would just connect the two ends. Here is a video that is timestamped to the connector. https://youtu.be/sDo3255RuEY?t=123
  2. Thats a good Idea, I will be doing that instead. What kind of cable would it be though? Can I just get any 3.5mm, cut off the one end, and then solder it. Also will this keep all the functionalities of the headset?
  3. Hello all. So I bought a HyperX Cloud Stinger headset, and unfortunately my dog chewed through the cable of it. I was wondering, what cable do I need to buy so that I can splice and solder the two ends. From what I have found I believe that any four pole 3.5 mm connector will work but I am not sure. Here are some pictures of the ends of the cable. Thanks
  4. Hello, I am running Windows 10 64 bit and recently I noticed a lot of Microsoft Family pop ups. I did a little bit of snooping and I found that I am apparently a member of a Microsoft Family of a random person and I am the child. How do I remove myself from this family? Thanks!
  5. Alright, well thanks for your help
  6. To my knowledge everything works, I just wanted to know what the cable does as it is taking up a lot of space underneath the plastic cover. Additionally if I am not getting an extra functionality out of my car I would like to know. The problem is that I dont see anywhere that the cable can go to.
  7. The cable does not have any markings on it I found it right underneath the center console between the seats.
  8. The car is a 2013 Mazda 2 sport
  9. Not sure if this is the correct thread for this topic, but nevertheless I will share my issue with you. I was going through the wiring in my vehicle when I came across a strange cable that was not connected to anything and I did not see a location to connect it to. I was wondering if anyone happened to know what kind of cable it is and what it does. Thanks.
  10. I have done this as well as an sfcscannow
  11. I am having an issue where whenever I launch a few particular programs (Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro, and AIDA 64), they just BSOD. I receive this error "The error is PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA (nvlddmkm.sys)" I was told that this was related to the graphics drivers on the system so what I did was uninstall them and reinstall them. Upon reinstalling them these programs work, but as soon as I reboot my PC, the same issue returns. I think that maybe this has something to deal with windows 10 but I am not too sure. My hardware is as follows: Strix gtx 970 (not overclocked) , i7 4790k (not overclocked), 16gb Corsair RAM, Maximus VII Hero, and an H100i. Something that may or may not be relevant is that the graphics card is in the second slot as the first slot doesnt work properly, (issue with be described below) but it does work in the second slot. Also whenever I do put it in the first slot the PC boots and these programs actually work. 1st Slot issue: So whenever a GPU is installed in the first slot of my motherboard, the PC boots and everything, but after about 15mins or so it restarts. After the reboot my PC decides to run off of integrated graphics instead of the dedicated GPU, and it is not able to find the GPU. After a manual restart it finds the gpu but the problem persists. I am not too sure what causes this problem initially but I became too frustrated and tried the second slot, only to find that it works. If you need any more information please ask! Thank you for all of your help! P.S. Here is a link to the .dmp file https://www.mediafire.com/?6k7n5g8fazokpye
  12. It is custom So in less than a day my problem has returned. Could it be possible that windows is automatically downloading drivers?