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  1. I already tried limiting the fps or scaling up the render image everything you could think of, the result is the same choppiness and cpu hogged at 100% with no room for the rest of background processes I will try a clean install of windows, I have like 1 month that I don't use my VR headset (is not even connected to the PC) still I see the Oculus process in the background
  2. I'm having a horrible experience at PUBG with my i5 6600k / 32 GB Ram and SSD I tried different things like stock, or overclocked and other "fixes" but I still get horrible performance in this game, my CPU gets to 100% and there's no room for discord or other background programs, if I set CPU priority above normal it runs better but then everything else freezes and doesn't let me talk in discord or hear well my teammates. I want to upgrade to the Ryzen 3600 (non-x) already have everything else, SSD, RAM, GPU (GTX 1080) Here is the thing, I need advise if the Ryzen 3600 is gonna be a very noticeable upgrade for this game, I don't live in the US I need a board that already comes with the latest BIOS, I don't have any older AMD cpu's to update the bios and a loan boot kit is not an option. if possible I would this motherboard to have WIFI and enough USB 3.0 ports for my Oculus rift headset (the one that needs the sensors connected) Can you guys help me?
  3. Interesting. Do you know if Method 2 requires to reinstall Windows?
  4. why? because GOTTAGOFAST but you might be right, her monitor is pretty slow to turn on, I think the system boots faster than the monitor but that IDE thing was making me think if its a bottleneck
  5. Kingston 120GB A400 SATA 3 2.5" https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N6JQS8C/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I checked the reviews and their numbers seem to be way higher than mine Amazon is merging the M.2 with SATA 3 reviews
  6. I tried these options but the result is BSO when the Windows booting screen is loading
  7. I don't have a problem to reinstall windows, but if I do it right now it will stay in IDE, how do I change it to Sata? this motherboard doesn't seem to have the option in the Bios to change that
  8. there's no AHCI option, just auto, combined, enhanced and disabled, I tried all options which end into BSO when booting
  9. she was running W7 but I installed W10 its pretty snappy for what she does, only youtube and bank transactions
  10. I bought her an SSD and for some reason it is showing up as IDE drive even when its connected to a SATA port the Mobo model is: g31m-es2l it should support sata 3
  11. I'm testing a new router I bought, the TL-WR841HP now I'm having this problem while surfing the web sometimes the page loads and sometimes this error shows up and nothing happens, other times it shows the error and after a few seconds it reloads the page, I'm using latest version of Chrome Already tried the CMD commands of flush dns, netsh int ip reset, netsh winsock reset nothing works. Also tried using the Google DNS and I still having the problem, already cleared all cache too. this is so annoying I can't return the router there must exist a fix for this, can anyone help me?
  12. then is not compatible seems like the h100i gtx is Not compatible with AM4
  13. I have an corsair h100i gtx I remember it came with an amd socket but i'm not sure if that's compatible the new ryzen cpus, can somebody tell me? if the socket it came with is not compatible is Corsair selling a new bracket separately to make it compatible?
  14. I don't have a pic of per-core usage but here's my settings
  15. I was playing yesterday on Sanhok by bootcamp (not early drop, mid-game) and my CPU was at 95% usage
  16. it's way better now, but the new map Vikendi puts my cpu to its knees
  17. I come from a time where amd cpu's used to heat really bad but you're right there's a first time for everything, I just searched and seems like its gonna be a good chip and since amd is doing so well in the cpu market it might worth the wait, I was thinking going with intel since its the best for gaming right now and ryzen is good for gaming but not the best, IF I don't want what would be your cpu recommendation right now? trying to save a buck if possible
  18. I saw the 9700k costs $400 that might be the highest I can go for a CPU, about the mobo: I will use a full tower atx case like I said I need good audio and if possible wifi integrated and bluetooth? thatd be nice
  19. the new map (vikendi) is where the bottlenecking feels the most, I don't play with everything on low, I need High distance view and High anti aliasing for competitive
  20. I'm not into a rush but honestly I've been an intel user all my life, don't feel much comfortable with amd chips
  21. So... I been living under a rock recently and lost the track of CPU models, currently I have an i5 6600k OC'd to 4.60 Ghz but I feel like its bottlenecking my GTX 1080, in PUBG CPU runs almost all the time at 100% and when it hits 100% I get stutter and choppy behaviour I know PUBG is not perfectly optimized but that's what I play I also need a good mobo for that CPU with good audio chip for my sennheiser x58 headphones, I'm not planning on buying a dac/amp so a good chip would be nice, I currently have a ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII GENE but the audio pops sometimes and it's really unpleasant, I'm thinking about trying a different brand this time, idk. Price is a problem I'm not into super high enthusiast level$$$, I just want to play PUBG without hiccups want to get all the juice possible from my 1080 and decent audio for sennheiser headphones by the way I'm playing on a 144hz monitor at 1080p, I got a Corsair AIO for cooling Hope you guys can help me, Thanks!
  22. Format the C drive or the backup drive too? the backup drive (D) its where all the files are appearing
  23. I already tried that, doesn't work. I suspect that's a generic article and all they do is changing the name of the virus, like a general solution or something. Followed all the steps and nothing.