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    Intel i7 6700K
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    ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming
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    HyperX Fury Black 16GB DDR4
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    AMD R9 290
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    Corsair Vengeance C70 Gunmetal
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    512GB SSD
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    Corsair AX860i With Custom Sleeved Cables.
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    3x LG 23MP65
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    Corsair H110i & Nzxt Kraken G10 + Corsair H55 for GPU
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    Some dell crap
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    Corsair Sabre RGB Optical
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    Razer Kraken 7.1
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. I have a plex server, Smart TVs and Sky Q boxes that are castable to
  2. With my basic wireshark skills I can tell you from one capture I just did that there were 98 arp requests in 60 seconds which accounted for 1.8% of all traffic. EDIT: The requests were coming from my router but I powered off the router and the lights still kept flashing in unison. Loop detection is enabled on the network switch.
  3. The connected ports on my network switch always flash at the same time, they will flash independently when there is more traffic to/from one device but they will always all flash at the same time inconsistently. There is no looped connection in the network and I don't know what else could be causing this. I've ran wireshark to see if there are widespread requests that could be causing it but there aren't, just the usual arp requests and general traffic. It's like there is certain traffic/packet that goes to every device at the same time (this may be normal, I'm not hugely clued up on networking) I was wondering if anyone has come across this before or have any ideas as to what would be causing this. Thanks
  4. I've recently upgraded the drives and was just looking to repurpose the previous drives.
  5. There isn't enough room in the main server for all the drives and I don't know really, I just thought it would be cool.
  6. No, that wouldn't increase the overall capacity. The way I was thinking is that I have 8tb on the main server and 10tb on the second server. If data stored on the 1st server doesn't get touched in like a week then it will be moved to the 2nd server but if say I start watching a tv series that is on the 2nd server then that whole series folder would be moved to the main server.
  7. Hi, So, I have an idea to have two servers, one main server and then a secondary server. On the main server there will be the most commonly used data in a storage pool and then on the 2nd server there is more archival data like backups and media that doesn't get watched as often. Is there software that will do this or is this even possible or a good idea?
  8. Have you tried looking in Steam settings -> Downloads -> Steam Library Folders and seeing if your L drive is mapped in there? I store some games on a network drive and sometimes it randomly drops off in steam.
  9. So, my garage is separated from my house (there's another house between my garage and my house). I have a car that has it's own WiFi signal (for configuring settings on the car, not for internet access). Anyway, long story short, I have setup a separate network because the Car WiFi won't reach my house so I've extended it to an AP in my house, via powerline adapters because even though I questioned my Dad saying "are you sure you don't want to run an Ethernet cable, just in case". This network is completed separated from my actual network because the car is an OP DHCP server that takes over anything that is connected. (this whole setup somehow works btw) The Car Wifi Setup: Garage House Car -> AP -> Powerline ---- Powerline -> AP <- Smartphone My question is, would I be able to essentially have 2 networks running over the powerline adapter - using virtual LANs or something I guess. So I can keep a separate AP in my house for the car wifi (and keep that network completely separate to my main network) but then also have access to my home network in the garage? I hope that makes sense? Let me know if you need more info. Thanks, Reece
  10. Wow I was being quite dumb. Obviously i'd looked before but it was dominated by PCI E risers but I just managed to find one on ebay. thanks
  11. Wow I was being quite dumb. Obviously i'd looked before but it was dominated by PCI E risers but I just managed to find one on ebay. thanks
  12. Hi, I think this post is in the right place but idk. I'm looking for a riser cable for PCI not PCI express just PCI. Are these a thing? Thanks
  13. Late reply but, I use one for a torrent client. I loaded deluge onto it with the deluge webGUI so I can manage it remotely.
  14. Nice setup you've got there. What do you use the raspberry pi for?
  15. Where would I put that device? In my house or in my garage? My home wifi reaches to my garage.