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  1. Hmm I wonder how long until Nvidia's naming system overtakes people that are still alive. Looking forward to a Carmack or (if nvidia's narcissistic enough) Huang line.
  2. Thanks for reminding me that I haven't ranted about this topic in a while but since it's getting late and I'm lazy I'll just put the tldr. I'm pretty sure there isn't a single person on earth that's freaking out about visible light causing cancer so why do people worry that light which has less energy (and is therefore literally safer than visible light) being somehow harmful? It makes completely zero sense and should be laughed at just as much as all the other quack ideas out there like the shit pushed by climate change deniers, flat earthers, antivaxers, homeopaths, etc.
  3. Only way I can see it happening is if we figure out how to break physics but as you said, just a matter of time now and we'll have a way to fix our inevitable entropy problem.
  4. This is actually a really cool idea! Hopefully it's cheaper than getting separate indicators for whatever illnesses each patient might be having.
  5. FarmVR Simulator: Redefining "free range" one farm animal at a time.
  6. Isn't this technically the deep web?
  7. It's ridiculous that more people aren't using Signal when it's opensource and got endorsements from various security conscientious people.
  8. Yep, mods are often awesome enough that they need to be sent c&d letters to keep AAA versions looking like "good" games
  9. Doesn't matter, if the API is the same then I would be able to have ray tracing on amd hardware much like how we have that same ray tracing implementation on non rtx Nvidia cards, of course lacking the hardware acceleration but the software works on everything and that's what I'm hoping will soon be implemented on amd's end.
  10. I wonder how old a game has to be to be considered in need of a remaster. I'd love it if the best star wars games ever made (jedi knight, kotor, tsl, etc) got remasters!
  11. At last! One of my favorite parts of rtx were that it gave us a fairly nice ray tracing API that had all the boring bits (ray-triangle, bvh construction/traversal, etc) pretty much setup for us in basically the most efficient way possible. So it's awesome to hear that it'll finally be usable on AMD's hardware.