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  1. How much longer until manufacturers stop ruining perfectly good screens by cutting holes in them?
  2. Yeah I was referring to locking up the printer Also I'm in US Lite (Canada) so I don't get to have a freedom stick. Plus if we're on the topic of whether guns should be locked up or not, I'd argue they should since the probability that someone's actually going to break in is tinny but the probability that it gets misused either by you (don't take this personally as I just don't consider anyone above average) or someone else in you home when it's easily accessible is considerably larger and thus I'd say carrying it around all the time or having it accessible is more of a risk than locking it up or keeping it unloaded.
  3. What if it grabs the shotgun? That's why mine's locked up with the shotgun well out of it's reach.
  4. As much as I love your idea, I'm too much of a pessimist to expect it to work unless candidates were forced to remain anonymous. Since otherwise people wouldn't bother reading that much text and would simply rely on the physical attractiveness stereotype just as they are currently doing.
  5. Well it's still getting a beating and a questioning of where the other 9.9% went.
  6. One of my friends has been trying to find a phone that doesn't have rounded corners on the display which seemed like an absolutely impossible task before I googled the 2018 J2 Pro (which now that it's discontinued probably means normal corners on the display of a modern phone are indeed impossible)
  7. Unbelievable, every single one of those "popular" phones has a fucking notch! Have people just accepted that as some how the "norm" and are perfectly okay with what is obviously a shitty design decision?
  8. Every day we're getting a little closer to experiencing Kessler syndrome.
  9. I wanted to read the paper but the article didn't link to it and my laziness won out. Although the lack of human participants is at least imo a large enough blunder that the results should be questioned. I mean it's possible that their conclusion is correct despite being based on shoddy science but I'd rather be skeptical of it than blindly accepting it. Especially when there's a potential source of error that can be spotted after just glancing at their methods section. Besides, skepticism is always encouraged in science since it's the only way for scientific research to be self correcting. We need other researchers to run variations (like what's posted 2 posts above) of this experiment to either disprove this paper's conclusions or disprove the existing idea that blue light filters are helpful.
  10. Ugh, I didn't want to appeal to authority but it seems I have no choice when you're saying I'm not qualified to critic scientific studies. Right now I'm 2 courses away from finishing up my double major in computer science and psychology and have taken courses where I've criticed/reviewed scientific literature, conducted experiments on lab rats, wrote lab reports and term papers that required I read, understand, and critic research papers much like this one. Am I as qualified as a masters/PhD student or PI? Nope. Am I more qualified than the average Joe taken off the street? I would hope so since otherwise I've wasted 5 years of my life and a load of money. As for where I heard the story of wrongly using colors that rats can't see in your experiment that was something one of my neuroscience profs saw his fellow graduate students doing in the lab he worked in as a graduate student. Those oversights happen when you assume that a non human animal is an accurate model of a human when in reality that is not the case.
  11. For sure, I agree. It's possible blue light filters are just snake oil but this study didn't definitely disprove the usefulness of blue light filters since they studied the effect in the wrong animals.
  12. My opinion is that doing a mouse study was a waste of time and resources since the results from this study are basically useless for given that mice have considerably different eyesight. I've heard stories of researchers placing red signs on the walls and expecting rats that can't see red to see the sign... These kinds of oversights happen and I think this study is one such example. And yea, it'd be nice if there was a link to the actual paper in the media article but there wasn't and I'm too lazy to hunt it down.
  13. This experiment didn't necessitate keeping people in cages. If you can ethically study the effects of sleep deprivation on performance, you should be able to ethically study whether blue light filters matter.