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  1. Hold on... people voluntarily bug their homes and then expect privacy?!
  2. Beskamir

    Vega finally beats RTX? Vulkan strikes again!

    I wonder if this is also predictive of vulkan's ray tracing functionality once amd provides support for it.
  3. And this is one of the greatest dangers of machine learning. We don't know where it might break until it breaks and there's no real way to look under the hood and manually fix stuff.
  4. I thought it was common knowledge that developing on Linux is better than on any other platform? These results are not surprising.
  5. Beskamir

    Assange arrested

    So if I find out that my neighbor has videos where he's murdering puppies but he classifies it as military secrets it's illegal for me to show the videos to anyone and thereby trying to get him to stop murdering puppies? (Obviously not the same thing but I thought a more amusing/outlandish parallel would be better received)
  6. Really?! No adenosine triphosphate jokes or comments? I'm disappointed.
  7. How disappointing, I would have been all for EGS if they weren't doing this but since they are I guess we (as consumers) just have to vote with our wallets until this goes away.
  8. Beskamir

    MySpace admits losing 12 years of music

  9. This "tech" has been around for years, (as an example here's two made in vulkan using compute or fragment shaders: https://github.com/mwalczyk/flow https://github.com/SaschaWillems/Vulkan ), what's new and why I'm more than happy to "pay extra" is hardware accelerated ray tracing. Meaning I as a developer don't have to worry about ray-triangle intersections since that's basically done by the hardware and all I need to do is tell it where the ray is being sent from, and what happens when it hits or misses something. Since this is done with dedicated hardware it's obviously faster than if it was done using regular compute/fragment shaders. Now with that said it's awesome that Crytek made a compute or fragment shader implementation to be used in games and it's something that should exist on an API level in DX12 or Vulkan. Where if your gpu doesn't support rtx it defaults to using default compute shaders so that the dev can basically write ray hit/miss shaders just like when rtx is supported without having to make that entire pipeline themselves. Knowing Vulkan that's probably too much to ask and at best they might make it slightly easier to make that pipeline yourself.
  10. I've got 0 issues with where the devs are located or who they are as long as it's open source.
  11. Disappointing that people weren't switching to signal. It's far more privacy focused.
  12. Beskamir

    Youtube Censors SBSK Comment Sections

    I'm surprised that linking to reddit, a forum, etc. in the video description isn't the go to solution for these channels.
  13. Welp, guess I better switch to 7zip even though I prefer winrar's ui.
  14. Personally this seems too late. I was interested in playing/getting into Halo years ago but now I might at best pick it up on a steam sale.
  15. Beskamir

    Low level programming languages

    Good point, I guess I just blindly assumed that since python is used on a pi and it's aimed at amateurs there would be something to check that you're not doing anything too stupid?