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Everything posted by Predator50

  1. Predator50

    App data mining

    Anyone can help me with get information on future update on mobile game. What software to use and or any video tutorial. Thanks.
  2. Predator50

    App data mining

    sorry posted on the wrong thread
  3. Predator50

    FFXV PC demo, Half Life items

    half life 3 will not happen unless steam will go bankrupt.
  4. in win 303 but you will be covering the psu.
  5. Anyone using In win 303 or the phanteks p400? any comments about these case? which would you prefer? i have 2 ssd and i check with review that the phanteks p400 only has 1 ssd bracket , is that true? I am planning to replace my very old but still 5 star rating in newegg coolermaster storm enforcer case. Thanks
  6. Predator50

    In win 303 or phanteks p400

    oh thanks, the problem is that i have 2 ssd so i have this dilemma if i choose the p400 where do i store my other ssd since i will be using the hdd bay for my 2 hdd.
  7. Predator50

    Uplay The Division, Download problem

    they will respond to you a week after you submitted the ticket, so off to a bad start.
  8. Predator50

    The division tips?

    Incursion : are the hardest mission in the game, this requires 256 gears with min/max (maximum stats and best talents) and above all coordination Encounters: are the side mission that will help upgrade the Base of Operations. Upgrading the Base of Operation will unlock skills Events: are Global event set by the Games mod where you can get cosmetic items like Mask and uniforms and also you can buy the best gear in the game without farming
  9. Predator50

    The division tips?

    try doing side quest first then the main quest.
  10. Predator50

    The division tips?

    I wish i could help you but Ubisoft ban my account for cheating which i did not. What level are you right now? Tips from lvl 1- 30 don't craft items, save those crafting materials don't do hard missions when soloing and try asking for help there are some people who will help you do mission Complete all side mission, it will help unlock skills like first aid and stuffs don't go to DZ unless your lvl 30 but i would suggest getting a good 256 gear first before doing any pvp always use cover as much as possible don't sell stuff deconstruct them try using a weapon with these weapon talent brutal, responsive, deadly
  11. Predator50

    windows 10 cant stop auto update

    this happens to me before it keeps updating then when install the update and restart complete nothing happens and then after a while it will download the same update again. What i did is that i go to group policy i disable configure automatic update, defer upgrades and updates, automatic updates detection frequency, allow non-administrator to receive update notification, turn on recommended updates via automatic update and enable client-side targeting.
  12. Predator50

    Batman Ninja Anime

  13. Predator50

    how to buy bf1 at third world country

    i don't have problems access origin here where i'm located, it might by that your region or country is block by EA.
  14. Predator50

    Need your 2 cents about this issue.

    I got and email from Ubisoft stating that they ban my account for breaching their COC and it takes almost 2 weeks for them to reply and from that reply they told me that i was cheat but due to company policy they could not discuss anymore. Is this correct? i paid for that game and i did not cheat. I often sing praise of that game because it was fun but got ban for cheating that they themselves could not send me proof? Is that even legal. So I demanded a proof because i paid for that game but i think i will not hear any response from them. What do i do next? thanks
  15. Predator50

    Need your 2 cents about this issue.

    I was playing The Division of all the online games that i played this is the first time i got ban. i will just uninstall this game and be done with it. I feel like they just want money which i will tell all my friends not to buy any ubisoft games anymore. I did play gta online it was fun but i got to a point that if i go to a certain part of the map i get error message and i submitted this error but i only get an automated reply which did not help at all so i just quit.
  16. Predator50

    The Division Ubisoft

    I need help, I receive an email from ubisoft stating that i violated the COC which i did not. They did not specify which part of COC i violated. I tried to reach them but it seems that they don't care as long as you buy their games? i there a way to reach them ?
  17. Predator50

    The Division Ubisoft

    conversation with chat support
  18. Predator50

    display port to hdmi 4k

    Thanks, hopefully this will work.
  19. Predator50

    display port to hdmi 4k

    Anyone can recommend a display port ot hdmi 4k connector. thanks
  20. back in the day (FX 5500 gpu) if i can play the game then its great even if its settings are low and to the lowest resolution but now i tend to max things that you can see it like shows and image.
  21. Predator50

    Watch Dogs 2

    Anyone knows how to run watch dogs 2 on a dual core cpu? did some research still not working.
  22. Predator50

    Watch Dogs 2

    can it really run doom? wahah i'll try it later if not huhu i have to upgrade his cpu to an i5 >.<
  23. Predator50

    Watch Dogs 2

    running division on his pc is ok, 720p with 40 - 50 fps did not check what settings are on but it looks find. I let him played The Division since he also like playing FPS games. gta iv is too realistic, he will not enjoy to much of the game.
  24. Predator50

    Watch Dogs 2

    This is for my brother he loves to play open world games like GTA, but GTA is too laggy for his pc ( g3260 with 750 ti )
  25. Predator50

    Cryptomining Question

    1070 right now is too expensive for its prices i was able to buy my 1070 few months after the release it was just around 360+ dollars and now its upwards of 400 dollars good suggestion, i would like to keep it on so that i don't have to think about it and besides it mining me money will i play. love your answer man. hehe thanks