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    Tech. Tech. Tech. Did I mention.. tech?
    OH, and anime (I don't read mangas or play visual novels, just saying). :D
  1. Edit: accidentally made a double post, sorry.
  2. Oh dear (this is turning into a joke now), zMeul, you just linked a video you didn't watch? (Your thread opening, PCPer video) Or you simply lack the ability to fucking UNDERSTAND. That's what you're showing off here constantly. You understand nothing and you're just deaf and blind at the same fucking time. Look. The R9 Nano has 2 limits. Thermal limit, which is set at 85°C (which is set in BIOS and can't be changed) or power limit, which is set at 175W (which can be tweaked with CCC by changing the power limit) Now depending on how the GPU workload actually is, for example not using all units for whatever reason, they can work faster (means higher clock speed), as long as it doesn't reach 175W. Furmark is a well known benchmark that is THE expert of creating a GPU workload that just uses everything a chip has, using everything means they have to be slower be in the 175W range. Some games will run with higher speed and some with lower, depending on how the GPU has to work. Now if the card reaches 85°C, regardless of any W, it will throttle, the cooler can't deal with higher than 85°C. This case is NOWHERE to be seen with every test we saw. I'm done with you. Now for everything else: As for the price. It could cost 800 freaking dollars and it would be still ok. You know why guys? As long as AMD can't deliver a reasonable amount of graphicscards and as long as it's sold out because of that, there is no fucking reason, to set this card at a lower price. As for why it's more expensive than lets say a Fury X is the exclusivity, if you don't want this exlusivity (which is the size), you can buy pretty much any other card that deliver you a better price/performance, because the Nano is simply NOT FOR YOU IN THIS CASE BUT YOU DON'T SEEM TO UNDERSTAND. God... I can't comprehend on how much ppl fail to THINK. And regarding coil whine: Not all reviews show off coil whine (also some are ok-ish and some are absolutely brutal (hearing at HardwareCanucks' sample literally makes my blood boil, lol)). Some coil whine goes away after a few days of use. Some coil whine exist not solely because of the GPU and can be a problem with the whole system and PSU used combined. It's not entirely safe to say that the Nano is generally fine, but it's also not safe to say that it's a bust. I'm done now. Hopefully.
  3. Vessel Nickname: Lunerio https://www.vessel.com/videos/CBR6_NDEI Liked this because nostalgia hit me hard... You should definitely do more of these. https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy And I liked this because 5K and Titan X SLI is a freaking good combination, regardless on how bad this video actually was with the lack of more tests and details (I think you guys had to rush your videos so you have the right amount of videos to start on vessel, I don't mind that and I hope it gets better when you guys go back to your usual schedule). GOOD LUCK GUYS!
  4. Ofc it would be cool to win one of the prizes. But that's not the point today (ofc I would be happy ) Congratulations, Linus and crew for 1 million subscribers and keep it up!
  5. Yeah. Another guy new to the forum. But that's whatcha want, right? What I like about the Sony Xperia Z2, is, that... hell... This thing is fast, tests show that the battery last long enough to use your phone the whole day without any problem. Must be because of the Sony "STAMINA mode". The thinness, the size (5-5.5" is just perfect size for me), the fixed display (IPS or go home!), rainproof (I don't need to put my phone into a bowl of water, lol)... Overall looks, especially with the dbrand skin. Orange, and thank god LTT colorscheme is orange/white, just fits way more than purple... And black or white are just boring. And thats why I like dbrand a lot. Because it also looks very seamless, from what I can see from your video.