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Ratan Servegar

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  1. Ratan Servegar

    Corsair 1000D

    thank you
  2. Ratan Servegar

    Corsair 1000D

    Hi, I am planning to get the Corsair 1000D and build a dual system in it. I was planning on getting the Corsair AX1600i PSU for the main system and use my old HX 750 for the mini itx build. But i am unable to figure out if there is enough space for the HX 750 PSU? Also is there any way to run both system off of one PSU?
  3. Ratan Servegar

    Wait for new CPU or buy now

    Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 9? i'm confused
  4. Ratan Servegar

    Wait for new CPU or buy now

    its going to be just for streaming/video editing.. gaming will be on my main rig that will be intel based.
  5. Ratan Servegar

    Wait for new CPU or buy now

    @PopsicleHustler i will buy building a streaming pc based on the new Ryzen 9 CPU's that will be a itx build that will sit along side the intel build inside a corsair 1000D
  6. Hello Everyone, My old x58 i7 930 computer has finally bit the dust after a very long journey together; which has now brought me a void in my life. I want to build a new system that will last me the same amount of time my old rig has and i wanted some input. I was planning to build on the x299 platform using MSI x299 creation and i9 9820x cpu along with 128GB of ram paired with the new rumored RTX 20x0Ti super gfx card. However i have been seeing a lot of negative reviews with the current platform from intel (link, link). I wanted to know what i should do? do i wait until the next gen comes out? if yes what is the next gen and when can we expect it? P.S: i am aware of AMD and i will be building a AMD rig as a streaming pc as a itx build. the intel build will be for my main rig for gaming + lot of other stuff i do like coding, hosting, 3D work etc.....
  7. Ratan Servegar

    Project The X Desk | The X Room [100%?] More updates to come!

    yo.. can u upload a video with the tour of the room please?
  8. Ratan Servegar

    Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

    Hi, Linus please pic me i badly need a graphics card ! even a 3 year old gfx card will do just to so that i can use my computer
  9. Ratan Servegar

    1 Million Subscribers - Thank you all! And a giveaway!

    congratulations linus you deserved it. you were the who taught me a lot about computers and high end gaming stuff. after watching all of your videos i was able to understand things like overclocking etc etc.. and was finally able to build my dream computer rig. you have truly been and inspiration to me and i will start making my own tech related videos because thats what i enjoy watching and wish to do so. pics of my rig which i build after watching your video's and your suggestions. (sorry for crappy image quality)
  10. Ratan Servegar

    Sony Xperia Z2

    Hello linustechtips, Yes i created an account just to get into this give away & yes i am being as honest as possible i am a selfless greedy bastard!!! I have a Samsung galaxy note 2 which serves my every need expect one (which i will tell later)! So you might wonder why I need to win this phone. Well i really like new tech & i f**king can’t afford to buy one currently. The most epic thing about this phone is its size!! Yes I like big things (no pun) i really like the big screen and the big form factor! I have really big hands and although the note 2 is a big phone as most would say, it’s really fucking tiny in my hands!! I want a phone with a big screen and the Sony z2 is the prefect one! Favorite thing about dbrand? Well I have no clue what dbrand was until this review, but what I liked the most about them is their work looks like stock! What I mean by it is I didn’t realize it was a skin on the phone and I thought Sony made a custom phone for linustechtips. So my favorite thing about dbrand is their quality of their product they make. so there you have it, commented in this thread honestly & waiting for the announcement