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    i7 5820k
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    Asus x99-S
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    32GB Vengeance LPX 2666MHz
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    EVGA GTX 980 SC ATX 2.0
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    Corsair 330R
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    850 PRO 512GB
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    EVGA SuperNova P2 850W
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    ASUS MG279
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    Corsair H100i
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    Corsair K70 Black
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    Logitech G502
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    HiFiMAN HE350
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    Windows 10 Enterprise

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  1. How do I dissable the "Pick Up Where I Left Off" in windows 10 without cortana. The way you are meant to dissable it is through the 'Notebook' icon in the start menu, but I dont have that icon, I assume because I have cortana disasbled. Looking at guides like this one https://forums.tomshardware.com/faq/turn-off-%E2%80%9Cpick-up-where-i-left-off%E2%80%9D-on-windows-10.3148843/ It looks like you have to be signed in with a microsoft account to do this. Is there a way I can dissable this feature with a local account. Another artical proposed a script that would delete registry keys on shutdown but Im hoping their is a neater solution. I am running Windows 10 pro 17134
  2. Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC has the least boat out of all of windows 10, Doesn’t even come with Edge or the Store. Unlike the normal enterprise build it also has differed feature updates so you don’t get given as many buggy updates as well. The only issue is getting an official licence for Windows 10 Enterprise. But other than that it is a beautiful experience. Second to Enterprise is Pro, there's still a bit of crap preinstalled, but no where near the same level as a home edition. If you have any questions about Enterprise LTSC reddit is your friend
  3. Ubuntu is one of the more friendly distros, I would reccomend.
  4. Ive used a program called DIA for Flowcharts, ER diagrams, It would be able to do some of the stuff you wanted, but there might be better software out their for your specific needs. For just general pourpose Vector edititor I reccomend inksape, You could do some nice diagrams with that but its not a dedicated peice of software so it would take a lot longer and less conistant.
  5. Thats a UK plug, you can buy a US cable. I assume its a C14 "Kettle" or C6 "Micky Mouse" connector. 100-240V means it will work on either the 110V of america or the 240V of the rest of the world. Aslong as the cable is good for 2.4A. most will be.
  6. Ok so im guessing you want this website to be on the internet, publically visible right? So you would need acess to the router to port forward. If you just want it to be accessable on the scool network then its possible other ways.
  7. Welcom to the LTT forums, What router are you using?
  8. Im using a Asus MG279Q Its not the best IPS panel but its pretty good. I bought it a few years ago so there might be some better options by now. I do reccomend getting an IPS pannel though. Unless its an exeptional VA panel.
  9. Check out a youtube channel Makers Muse, They do some quite informative budget 3D printer reviews.
  10. They are very similar, the only difference that I can notice is that the 'S' model has RGB illumination on the radiator. I have no idea of other changes but that is one difference that I noticed. EDIT: Yea It looks like the "S" model supports motherboard lighting control like Aura Sync and the other names that each manufacturer gives it. This is important if you want to control your RGB from one place in software, and match your RGB with other rgb devices.
  11. I see. Normally I allways just insatll GPT, Theres not realy any reason not to, using UEFI in my experiance will give you better boot times. I know you can get MBR and UEFI to work but I have no idea how so just GPT all the way seems to work the best for me.
  12. What do you mean windows doesnt support GPT? Im running my boot drive as GPT, What isnt supported.