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  1. Would love to win that D54250WYKH NUC
  2. I think your been doing great! Your teams video's helped me in a lot of ways. I don't know much about computers and that's is why I am here for. just want to thank you all for the great and useful video's! And tomorrow I'm gonna watch your next awesome video! THANKS!
  3. Ah. Thanks for all the responses! I will think about it. Thanks!
  4. And why not 770 sli? I just want to know why? what are the bennefits?
  5. Ah tnx, now i understand it's a amd card.
  6. sorry im still a pc noob. but what do you mean by 290x?
  7. I am going to buy a new pc but i can't decide between a gtx 780Ti 3gb or gtx 770 2gb in sli. What are the bennefits? or the downsides? Please help me with this.
  8. I have a broken phone now and I want a new one, but there is only one with the linustechtips disign! I like phones with big screens, it is waterproof and it has a 4K camera. and finaly the front speaker . I have a lot of sony devices and a want to keep that. I like sony too because they are doing a givaway with a linustechtips design! And keep going with the yt channel!!!