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  1. Hey guys, So yesterday while browsing my PC monitors went black, but the system was running (fans spinning and such) so i figured maybe the display driver failed, so i pushed the power button and waited for the system to shut down properly. It did, powered it back on and everything seemed fine, except that the TV was no longer detected (TV is a Samsung ue58j5200) I have a 2 monitor setup and one TV (1xDisplayPort, 1xDVI and the TV is on HDMI) the video card in an RX480, system is running Windows 10. So these are the steps that i've tried: 1. Changed HDMI port on tv, nothing 2. Put one of the monitors on GPU's HDMI, everything works ok. 3. I have another PC connected to that TV on the other HDMI port, that PC also does no recognize the TV , different cable (GTX 560ti on Windows 10) 4. Fired up a laptop, plugged the HDMI cable in, nothing (This one with Windows 7) All of the above systems worked ok in the past on HDMI so everything points out to some fried HDMI ports on the TV but then: 5. Plugged in my Panasonic GH5 camera on HDMI, instant picture on HDMI , both ports tested. 6. Plugged in a raspberry pi that i have lying around, instant picture I did a factory reset on the tv, reinstalled gpu drivers, nothing, no PCs detect the tv and i don't get a picture. This is driving me mad. Any ideas, guys? Thanks!
  2. Wow! Great giveaway! Here's my favorite videos: Techquickie: Jay's video: Yeah, i'm into cooling... Best of luck to everybody!