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  1. I've been meaning to post about this earlier, and I didn't see where anyone else had posted about this. Having sold a ton of computers, I can tell you that customers were very confused when I told them that the computers didn't actually have 24 GB's of RAM. https://www.extremetech.com/computing/271543-pc-oems-are-selling-laptops-with-optane-cache-drives-and-claiming-its-memory Here is an example: https://www.staples.com/hp-pavilion-desktop-590-p0086-intel-i7-1tb-hdd-24gb-ram-windows-10/product_24341094
  2. I came home this afternoon and was curious what the temperature was outside. This is the answer I got...
  3. I edited my original post with the new apk. The problem was that when I signed the release apk, I signed it with the new signature type which is not supported by Android 6.0.1.
  4. What version of Android do you have?
  5. So I've decided to create an app for us Floatplane Club members. It definitely needs a lot of work, but it's a start. Any feedback is much appreciated. Download Link: floatplane-0.0.1.apk Reuploaded, because APK was signed only with V2 signature which is only supported in android 7.0.0 and newer. Download Link: {REMOVED}
  6. Blade 14 all the way. Steam in home streaming is great and all... but what if I want to leave the house? It would be nice to have a gaming laptop so I can have something to do in between classes (other than homework).
  7. Teach them OpenGL, that's fun and challenging. Prob best to do it in python though. And if you do, use the Pyglet libraries. I personally think that the best way to teach basic OpenGL, and also the basics to Game Engines, is to make a simplified version of Minecraft in python.
  8. A nuc would go great with my new monitor!
  9. Favorites of mine: Linus' Techquickie Vid: http://youtu.be/bcVBqwlnmlM Jay's Vid: http://youtu.be/mnAPWkehp6w