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  1. This is the reason i planned on not getting an ssd and going cheaper on a case, my budget is around 800 and I have room to spare if needed. I will pick up an ssd later on down the line
  2. Aight so I'm planning to build a budget Ryzen 5 gaming rig for a friend, for about 800, if going over budget makes a big difference it's alright. I haven't been out on the parts market lately so not sure where to start. I was thinking Ryzen 5 1600x, 16gb RAM if possible, gpu i was going to opt for the most expensive one i can get at the end, 1060 maybe. Was wondering if anyone got any suggestions about the build, it's really the mobo i don't know about and maybe GPU. Hopefully it's gonna be able to run at GTA v at decent fps. Thanks in advance, Bulky
  3. Just 1 PCIe for the gpu and no special features it's a very cheap pc to play games on medium to low. That's why I was wondering if spending 50 euro was too little, I'm trying to make as much money back from the rest of the parts Im selling him.
  4. Hey, I'm using my old hardware to build a friend a new pc, I have an I5 3750, I'm buying 8gb of RAM and I have a XFX 6850 Black (To be upgraded to a 1060 later). For those parts I need a motherboard and after a bit of browsing im finding boards from 50 euro up to 150 and I was wondering how much I need to spend a board. This isn't supposed to be a beast rig just a budget low end gaming PC and Im trying to make some money back selling my used parts that's why Im looking at cheap mobos. I found this and was wondering is that sufficient or should I pay a bit more to be sure it will last. Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks Bulky.
  5. Hey, so I myself would avoid getting used parts but my friend is buying a 500 Euro PC before Christmas that he plans to game on. Considering his tiny budget, we were wondering if it's worth buying any parts used and if so, which ones? I have a case, a hdd and psu and a xfx 6850 black edition from my old rig I could sell him but the real question is would he be better off buying better parts used/new or use the ones I have and buy what he is missing? Thanks
  6. Wires the. Self are not exposed just the rubber under the sleeving, my desk has rather sharp edges so when it Wwe running over that it split and has been tearing more and more overtime. Tried every USB but never thought of trying different PC. USB on my PC definetly work and since I reinstalled windows I assumed that it won't be software problems
  7. No and that's the problem
  8. Hey, I purchased a g633 a while back and i was really happy with it. Great headset great mic but cable was terrible, I read alot of Logitech cables are bad. Within 2 weeks the sleeving broke and left an open cable. Same with the Logitech mouse. Every now and then I had problems where the mic cut out and would stop working, unplugged it and plugged it back in and after some time the mic lit up and started working. 3 days ago mic turned off but I didn't think much of it and plugged it in again but it didn't turn on. Tried different USB, updated Logitech software and the whole headset stopped working. Thought it was a software issue so I reinstalled windows and same thing happens, mic beeps when I lift it to mute or unmute, light is on but no sound from it. Has this happend to anyone or so you know any possible fixes? Thanks
  9. Hey, I've seen alot of people complaining about aluminium blocks and rads because they mixed metals or corroded their system but is there any clear advantage in using copper or aluminium if you only have 1 metal in the loop? Thanks
  10. it's such small amounts that you won't even notice, the air gets circulated so quickly it shouldn't affect you
  11. Im using 2 140mm exhausts on top, 1 120mm in back and a 200mm intake in the front. I have the corsair h110 and CPU temps never go over 35 c. Putting the rad as intake or exhaust never made a noticible difference for me.
  12. I'm mostly taking the CPU, MB, and RAM from each because I have the other parts roughly picked out already. Just wanted to figure out a baseline of what I should be looking for and how much to spend on each part.
  13. Most part I'm buying locally or ebay so they will be a lot cheaper than pc picker, I'll look into those 2 systems. Thanks!
  14. Hey, I'm planning a build for a friend which he plans to buy around the end of summer. I didn't plan to be building PCs any time soon so I'm not up to date on any parts, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with finding CPU and motherboard combo so I can get the prices and decide on the other parts. I have an idea of what to buy for all the other parts but want to know how much to spend on that. He want's a custom water cooling loop that looks nice as well as does it's job with the GPU included if possible so keep those prices in mind. Thanks, Bulky