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  1. Hiho everybody, haven't posted in ages, but since I'm currently in the middle of upgrading my system, I thought I'd ask for some advice here. Some background first: Moving into a new, tiny apartment for university and I simply don't have the space for my Be Quiet Dark Base 800 anymore. What I'm trying to do now is to put my pc into the shelf that's standing right beside my desk (IKEA Kallax). Since I'm upgrading my CPU I also have to get a new Motherboard, problem being that I'm somewhat budget constrained and the cheapest mini ITX board I can get is twice as expensive as a half decent micro ATX board. What I need, but can't seem to find is a case that fits both a micro ATX motherboard and a roughly 170mm long PSU inside a case that's not wider and taller than 33cm. It should also fit a GPU at 300mm length and optionally a CPU cooler at 160mm tall. The price should, if possible, be below 60€. The rest doesn't really matter. I already thought about using a test bench, but all the ones I could find were 100€+, and I'm not 100% prepared to pay that price for a sheet of metal with some screws in it. Thanks in advance
  2. I'm sorry to have to break it to you, but there's no way for you to upgrade to iOS 9. The oldest iOS version you can upgrade to is 10.3.1, which might be jailbreakable in the next couple of months, but who knows. If you decide to do that you better do it quickly, since this version could be unsigned in the next few days. The reason for this is that Apple unsignes all their firmwares a couple of weeks after a new version was released. The only way to bypass this is if you have an SHSH2 blob of the version you want to up-/downgrade to. To get those you would have had to have that iOS version installed on your device at a time when it was still signed, though. I personally don't understand why Apple is doing this, but nobody can really do anything about it.
  3. That sounds way more entertaining than it probably was, but definitely good to know. But I have to say that I didn't experience anything alike. Of course the fans were hovering around the set rpm, though I guess that this is to be expected.
  4. I was using HWMonitor and corsair link, as well as the MSI command center to monitor everything, while stress testing with heavy load. I believe that as long as the sensor readings weren't wrong, the pumps, as well as the fans were running at the correct rpm.
  5. Holy... Thanks for telling me, seriously. I would have probably thrown it out if I didn't know that. Just submitted a support ticket.
  6. I'm now officially fed up with this now most likely completely broken piece of cooling equipment. After getting close to 100°C after not more than half a minute put the intel stock cooler and ordered a Noctua NH-D14. Thank you for the help, but I guess it was all for a dying aio water cooler.
  7. With the fans turned the other way I the temps are hovering at about 70°C with the cover off and 77°C with the cover on. I'm going to give it a try. I did give it a try and it made the whole situation a lot worse, once more. I now get idle temps of just under 60°C. About the tim. I am not really sure what tim stands for, but I'm assuming you mean thermal compound. I'm using Arctic MX-4 Thermal Compound and I applied it by putting a little bit of it on the middle of the CPU and then applying the cooler. From the looks of it, it did spread evenly.
  8. There you go. The attic has about 4cm of clearance, while the radiator takes up a little over 2.5cm of that. So there's only less than 1.5cm left for the air to flow. One thing that worries me though, is that even with the top and side panels off I only get down to ~45°C in idle and marginally under 70°C when stresstesting, which still seems quite high to me. So maybe the top cover wasn't the problem after all?
  9. I did just that yesterday, but it didn't really change anything at all. But I think I figured out the problem. It's my case. The clearance from the radiator to the top part of the case is only a few centimeters,which takes airflow to a somewhat non existent level. Hopefully this won't hurt my CPU in the long run, but right now there's not much I could do about it. The spot the radiator is in right now is the only one I can put it in. All the other spots are for 120/140mm radiators only.
  10. I would definitely make good use of a Blade Stealth. There's always a use for a potent ultrabook in a high school student's life, considering that my current laptop has problems compiling a console application without the processor maxing out.
  11. theKumba

    Ps4 pro !

    I think at this point a Playstation is the far more logical thing to have (at least for people who own a gaming pc), since Xbox exclusive will in most cases mean Xbox and PC exclusive. 4k bluray would be nice to have, but it's not a must for Sony to include it, considering how many other things ps has going for it. The frequent sales on the ps store for example.
  12. This. Plus the better performance on psvr. The whole system with the vr headset and the tracking camera is 50€ cheaper than an HTC Vive alone. (at least where I live) And I can now finally play all the exclusive titles that I was never able to play before. Especially with Microsoft releasing a lot of exclusives to pc. Amazing times we live in.
  13. After some time of gaming the air is pretty hot, but it usually is cold if under load for less than 30 minutes.
  14. I did, and it's running at a little over 2400 rpm. Surprisingly it doesn't anymore, at all. Also, it is now going down to ~45° in idle. After 15 minutes of 100% cpu load, it spiked at 85°C. It took around 1 1/2 minutes to get there from idle temperature. While doing this, the cooler temperature never went above 60°C though.
  15. Recently my CPU temps have gone up further and further. Right now they are <95°C while stress testing, which I think is not exactly where they should be. I already gave new thermal paste a try, but it somehow even made it worse. So the thing that bugs me the most about this is that even when the CPU and the watercooler show high temperatures, the air that's coming out of the top of the pc is quiet cool. Does this mean that the coolers pump has broken? (Though it does give rpm readings in Corsair Link) I'm using an Corsair H100i, purchased ~June 2014 Thanks in advance.
  16. This guy (or possibly company) is a acutally pretty smart. The first time I noticed him he had a hijacked account of some woman with ~30 ratings. Back then I was interested in one of his Oculus Rift's for less then 500€. I emailed him to be at least somewhat sure that he wasn't a scam and as a result of the short mail chat we had I can now 100% confirm that this guy is a scammer. If you send him an email with a link to a product you get an answer with a link to an external payment site. When I asked him how he could provide these products at such low prices, while still making a profit his answer was (in really broken German) "these are my prices". The people that buy his stuff directly over Amazon will never get their stuff and can easily get a refund of their payment, but the people that wrote to him via email get a link to a seperate payment site. These are the people that he is acutally making money off. Pretty interesting to see, especially because he got banned several times now and he is still coming back. Also, the accounts he uses get more and more legit. The account he had yesterday had a couple of thousand positive reviews and an acutaly company name of an actually registered company.
  17. Holy Crap!

    What happened to this place?

    1. antoainb


      New forum version!

    2. StareX



  18. So I guess Unbox Therapy is now finally selling iPhones for free... where do they even get that much money from?

    1. theKumba


      There are like a couple hundred phones on his truck, WTF?!?

  19. Valves at it again. Turns out that the fault is a software bug, wich can most likely get fixed and in addition to that I got all of their games (past, present and even future ones).

    1. XTankSlayerX


      GG Valve, you're hardware is as good as your games...

  20. My Steam Controller just arrived and I think it was broken in shipping. The right touchpad is making some weird noises and is moving on it's own. :/

  21. AppCleaner to uninstall apps you didn't download from the Appstore and maybe some essentail things like Lightshot, Skype or Dropbox for example. The Twitter program from the Appstore is pretty great too. It depends on what you want to use it for.
  22. True. But still, do you actually need a higher resolution and a bigger battery? I certainly don't and if you do, please just use an Android phone. I don't even know why you would debate whether to use Android or iOS. Every phone has it's pros and it's cons.