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  1. ELSknutson

    Foam for mechanical keyboard

    some egg crate foam should do the trick https://www.amazon.com/acoustic-soundproofing-insulation-soundproof-dampening/dp/B076JNCQ39/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=foam+padding&qid=1552915966&s=gateway&sr=8-4 If you are worried about it you can try memory foam or get a Pelican case https://www.amazon.com/Pelican-1510-Case-Foam-Black/dp/B003BFFRQ8/ref=sr_1_6?crid=27GD6XLF8IUHJ&keywords=pelican%2Bcase&qid=1552916083&s=gateway&sprefix=pel%2Caps%2C174&sr=8-6&th=1 and they have foam inserts in them that you can pull out to fit the shape of your items
  2. ELSknutson

    Case suggestions

    here are my pics for you https://www.amazon.co.uk/In-Win-303-WHITE-303-Midi-Tower/dp/B01GQ48K0A/ref=sr_1_9?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1552659292&sr=8-9&keywords=in+win https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lian-Li-Alpha-Tower-Tempered-Glass/dp/B07KJJ233B/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1552659370&sr=8-16&keywords=lian+li https://www.amazon.com/NZXT-H500-Computer-CA-H500B-B1-Black/dp/B07C3DWCDC/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=h500&qid=1552659517&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  3. So I have a friend who has this board and it is currently not booting I have tried all the proper troubleshooting steps. He read online that the Asus ROG Strix X470 have had a few issues were the boards did not have the proper bios for the Ryzen 5 2600 series of processors so what I was wondering is if there is a way to flash the bios with out haveing to got get a last gen processor? I know some of the Asus board come with an onboard flash tool but I am not sure about this exact board.
  4. ELSknutson

    No post

    System specs Asus Strix X470 Ryzen 2600X 16gb Gskill DDR4 RGB NZXT 240AIo Asus GTX1080 2x SP 512GB ssd's Corsair CX850 Back story A friend of mine brought me this pc because he could not get it to turn on he could get lights on the motherboard and if he pushed the power button he could get the system to turn on for a micro second. when I received it I took all the cables off reseat the ram, unplugged all the cable extensions and just used the PSU Cables and ensure all the cables were properly installed. After that the system turned on. What the computer does PSU powers up, there are lights on the motherboard, there are lights on the GPU, the fans will spin and the RGB Ram will light up. What it doesn't do: Post via DVi cable ( Im at work and the monitors here suck. What I see: the number 3 LED on the motherboard is white indicating VGA ( not sure if this is normal) also there is an orange led that is on by the sata plugs on the bottom right corner of the motherboard. For the most part the system seems to work properly but I am not getting any type of display so if anyone has an idea of what the cause for the issue is please feel free to chime in.
  5. ELSknutson

    Hardware horror story's

    03/1/2019 Closing day for our new house. I wake up in a hotel because we had sold our house and put all our belongings in storage. So I go to work excited waiting for 2:30pm to leave work (early) to go to the closing of our new house. My wife had taken the day off to pack up and swing by the storage unit were all our stuff is to grab one of our TVs to have at the house because the cable guy was coming that night. I think nothing of it 2:30 rolls around we go to the signing that was an hr drive across Tampa for my wife and about 10 for me because I am at work. We get everything signed super excited that we own a new home. So we both head to the new house back across Tampa. We get to the new house get out the internet/ cable guy is waiting there, I walk in the door and he asks if we have a tv to test the internet with and my wife says, "yes its in the car" and she looks at me to go get it because she weighs 80lbs and its a 55in flat screen tv. I thought to my self knowing that I was the one that put it in storage that it was in a kind of tricky spot sitting ontop of a tall dresser, but the tv doesn't weigh that much so I thought she took her time an put it in the car. So I go out to the car open the rear hatch and my heart drops. Not only did she grab the tv thats the size of her she took it on herself to grab my custom water cooled computer and on of my monitors. The computer weighs more then she does and it was sitting up on another dresser so some how she managed to get the computer into her suv along with one of my 32in monitors and the 55in tv, plus a cat carrier and dog carrier. So when I opened the back of the suv water flowed down the bumper on to the ground and when I seen that I eminently panicked moved the computer from the car took it inside and opened it and one of the top fittings had poped off and drained blue fluid allover inside the case. It this point I am pissed, I do my best to soak up the fluid I see standing with paper towel and reconnect the fitting that fell off. With the cable guy waiting on me I headed back to my wife's SUV and notice that she has rested the 55in flat screen on the cat carrier on one side and my freaking monitor on the other scratching it all to shit in the process. so I take out the tv brin it inside and set it in front of the cable guy and head back to the car to asses the damage to the monitor. I then pick up the monitor head back inside and as soon as I get in the door the cable guy say...... the freaking tv is cracked. So needless to say I am steaming I go back over to my computer to asses the damage further and notice the case is scratched and some of the clips have seared off. So now I need a new Case at minimum for my system plus a new monitor and TV
  6. ELSknutson

    Having a hard time deciding which monitor to get for gaming...

    I would get the Predator 34in
  7. I dont understand why people even bother with the Levante or the Ghiblis they are so meh compared to the other options out there. Maserati should stick to the GT and the Quattroporte and drop the rest of it lineup and if they must have an suv dont base it off the Ghibli base it off the Quattroporte
  8. ELSknutson

    Best budget internet router

    what is your budget? this is the one I picked out for my home needs and have been very happy with it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07NF3K74H/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
  9. thats what warranties are for also I have own/ owned several luxury vehicles and services can be expensive if you have the dealer work on them but if you do it your self its not too bad.
  10. ELSknutson

    need advice on new graphics card brands

    I would get the zotec one just because I like the design
  11. Do you think at $46,000 that this car is worth the money? this one has 33k miles and its a 2015
  12. ELSknutson

    how to improve 1070 fe temps

    you may be choking it off a bit by having it in that orientation as well
  13. So I am moveing into a new house tomorrow and also am getting a new 70in 4k TV to go along with another 4k tv we have. So I have Amazon Prime and Netflix and am wondering if it is worth spending the extra $4.00/mo. to upgrade form 1080p to 4k we only will have the 2 4k tvs but my son and daughter both have devices that have Netflix apps and we have another tv that has a wii hooked to it that also has Netflix.
  14. ELSknutson

    4K Netflix Is it worth the extra money

    I have Amazon prim that is 4k with HBO, showtime etc. also I have cable that has a few 4k channels. but from what I have heard there is not allot of 4k content on netflix
  15. Read the description Chip: GeForce GTX750(This is a 550 upgrade card, upgrade driver can display correctly, if the driver not installed correctly, it will display the error model, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest driver version, software testing will be normal) GPU manufacturing technique: 28NMStreaming Processor: 195Memory type: DDR5Memory capacity: 2GBBit: 128bitInterface type: PCI-E 2.0 16XI/O interface: 1 x HDMI, 1 x DVI, 1 x VGAPower interface: 6PINHeat-dissipating method: single fan or dual fans3D API: DirectX 12
  16. Its a GTX 750 so It suld be slightly better the most intel CPUs but I would just save your money and pick up a 1050/1050ti or find a used 1060
  17. ELSknutson

    PC wont boot anymore

    check your right ram stick to ensure it seated properly from the picture it looks like the tab is down a bit. also ensure that your GPU power cables are lined up perfectly sometimes that can cause issues
  18. ELSknutson

    PC wont boot anymore

    can you snap a few good pictures?
  19. ELSknutson

    PC wont boot anymore

    did you ensure all your power, fan, Storage power cables are all properly seated?
  20. ELSknutson


    Just get the best parts you can for the budget you have. Also spend extra in the areas that count like CPU, GPU, PSU and Case ( unless you dont care what it looks like.) and skimp on the cheaper items that can easily be upgraded down the road like ram, storage, CPU cooler (if needed), and fans.
  21. ELSknutson

    Is this a good desicion

    if you can get that 1600X with a cooler go with that if not get the 2600
  22. ouch! but just think though each fitting is adds like 10 hp though
  23. looks nice and clean but I would hate to have been the one to pay for all thoughts fittings you have like $500.00 in fittings alone