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  1. gatecrasherlok


    I would definately like the razer blade stealth
  2. gatecrasherlok

    35 minutes of The Witcher 3 Gameplay!

    Cant wait to watch this as soon as I get home
  3. gatecrasherlok

    New Ultrabook

    Yes, no-one is arguing about performance ratio against your suggestion, but I think your totally disregarding what the OP is actually looking for. He is after all wanting something portable, long lasting and last but not least is not after a gaming grade laptop/ultrabook. So however you look at it and how nice it may be, the GE70 is not the best recommendation. I personally agree on the recommendation of a macbook pro 13
  4. gatecrasherlok

    Gigabyte X99 Gaming G1 WIFI Motherboard Revealed - That Heatsink!

    It's an okay mothrboard aesthetics wise, certainly not the best or worst in my opinion. However once you load the pci-e slots, I think it does not really matter too much. All I'm interested in now is seeing what features and performance gains can be had as I've been waiting for a worthy successor where performance really screams time to upgrade.
  5. gatecrasherlok

    Tekken 7 full trailer (SDCC)

    PC version would be nice, as tekken and street fighter are the only games i really play on my playstation.
  6. gatecrasherlok

    Bitspower D5 pump top upgrade kit

    Try this site http://www.highflow.nl/
  7. gatecrasherlok

    Seagate 8TB & 10TB HDDs

    Some blu ray quality movies would sort that problem out for you mate. I guess these 8/10 tb drives are here for 4k movies when they do eventually arrive.
  8. gatecrasherlok

    UK anti-piracy action set to begin

    I think this is a very good idea in trying to clamp down persistant pirater's and a good warning to the upcomin generation. However the underlying problem seems to be brushed aside, the absurd prices of Movies, films etc. I have a hefty collection dating back from way back when but it has dwindled somewhat over the last 3-4 years as the asking prices of New movies, tv series is just insane in the UK.
  9. gatecrasherlok

    TFT Central Asus ROG Swift PG278Q review!

    I think I fully grasp what you are trying to convey here but what I am trying to point out is, a good TN which I have had the pleasure of trying out compared to my ips does have its merits and drawbacks. While sitting infront of the desk with either monitor in front of me colour shift is not noticable when glancing from one end of the monitor to another. Even if slouched in your armchair in front of the monitor is not going to attribute to a horrible experience is all I am saying. The problem only occurs if I were to sit in a totally obscure angle to watch a movie at a distance, and given most monitors have height and pivot functions, I really don't see it as big of a problem unless its of lesser quality TN.
  10. gatecrasherlok

    TFT Central Asus ROG Swift PG278Q review!

    You have certainly pointed out a valid point about the short falls of the moitor but I must stress coming from a 30 inch 2560x1600 res now that if head movement is required then the monitor is too big for your setup.
  11. I have quick disconnects and a ball valve in my loop. All I can say is, a drop in water circulation is always going to be a given but so much worth it as disassembly is an absolute doddle now. Currently have 3 QDC's (koolance vd3) and planning to add one more just to complete my loop layout.
  12. gatecrasherlok


    Well ubisoft, you have dug yourself in a deeper and deeper hole now. Your pr group is horendous.
  13. gatecrasherlok

    Dreaming of Linus

    To the OP, He's already married
  14. gatecrasherlok

    Titan Z on Ebay

    Err I'll pass on that
  15. gatecrasherlok

    Russia will cut off US access to the International Space Station

    I agree with l3lackmoses, US motives over the past have been very sketchy. If you actually look at what Russia has done during that time is helping neighbouring countries. Ukraine was given their freedom after Russians have helped them so much build the infrastructures and same for countries like Latvia, yet they don't sing and dance about this. Unlike the US who like to publicise eveything they do to the world and sugar coat their actions with human rights infringments is absurd. from what i understand most of Ukraine is actually pro Russia and its the western side of Ukraine which is causing the upheaval. The western side funnily is consists mostly of non natives from the liks of slovakia, Polish etc. I seriously hate the media who always seem to show fractions of the whole picture. Anyways back on topic, Good on Russia for not allowing the US to their international Space Station.