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  1. Well I was referring to the PhysX middleware not the processor from Ageia. Nvidia didn't change their hardware. In fact, some people got PhysX to run on AMD hardware via some type of driver hack. And it still isn't an additional cost in the card.
  2. Still, I think if they'd focus on just GPU compute things will get better and cheaper. Think about it, they're charging people for RT cores on their top cards even though only a handful of applications would take advantage of it. I remember exclusives like PhysX and Hairworks but at least those are software which don't add costs on the card unlike RT cores.
  3. Considering AMD cards do generally have more compute power than their Nvidia counterparts I'm surprised no company leveraged this sooner. RT cores = extra cost. It can actually be redundant if maybe a company like Epic would bake real-time ray-tracing into their game engine that takes advantage of GPU compute capabilities. EDIT: In other news. From info in the video description - Sounds a bit like they're adapting Epic's strategy -
  4. I had an iPhone 6 with a 3rd party battery installed because the original one was causing shutdowns. Glad to know Apple made this move when I no longer have that said phone lol.
  5. YoloSwag

    Intel Core i9 9900KFC

    Maybe you should ask for the gluten-free ones...
  6. Dang. Now I'm the one who looks silly right now for not understanding I'm getting too old for sarcasm. My apologies. To my defense though, at least I put a "maybe" in the last part just in case I got it wrong lol.
  7. Yes and no. If it was regarding the success/failure of their products then yeah sure. If the stocks fell because people just didn't buy it enough then no. Talking in context, what was reported was the success of Apex Legends brought about a significant effect on their stocks. As with my other post, BFV not selling enough brought down value. The focus was more on their products doing better or worse then affecting stocks. Also, thanks for misunderstanding...maybe.
  8. This is still tech news. Especially if what affects a tech company's stock value has something to do with their products. It's like how people report market share of CPU of manufacturers.
  9. Not too long ago, I've reported this - News came out that Apex Legends breaks 10M players and 1M concurrent players in just 72 hours. Reported by PC Gamer here. For those who don't know, Apex Legends is EA's direct competitor to Epic Game's Fortnite as this is also an F2P Battle Royale type of game. Check it out - Boom. It sees to be higher than what I assume to be the average stock prices for the 30 days month. See more here. Needless to say it was going to rebound after the nosedive but I didn't think the prices would be this responsive. Side note: I have played Apex Legends a few hours ago. It seems better than most Battle Royale games. The map looks smaller. But I think they have something going here, you guys should give it a try. Sadly, I'm only getting low FPS at 1080p - my GTX 750 Ti can't keep up although I do get more than 60FPS with mixed settings in Fortnite At least EA isn't losing investors like Nvidia.
  10. Uhm for people who don't know let me just lay these two - Tencent... Telemetry(???) Now connect them together! Tencent did invest some significant amount in Epic Games... so connect that too.
  11. YoloSwag

    Electronic Arts Stocks Takes A Nosedive Again

    I know. I know. It could just be wishful thinking or sentiment... I miss Mass Effect, the old NFS, Dead Space, the old C&C, etc., ...
  12. YoloSwag

    Electronic Arts Stocks Takes A Nosedive Again

    Yes, market resiliency is great. Huge dips do have some recovery time but at least it does recover and doesn't not spell the end. I like how a lot of companies now are just refusing to die. This is a good thing in the sense that they are at least trying to do something. Good thing for the economy overall. I remember Sony lol. Hopefully EA wakes up, makes better and innovative games, and gives back the Disney Star Wars license thing, it doesn't do them great and is probably expensive to maintain.
  13. YoloSwag

    Electronic Arts Stocks Takes A Nosedive Again

    The bendy straws are not included and are sold as part of a collectors edition which does not include the some DLCs lol
  14. YoloSwag

    Electronic Arts Stocks Takes A Nosedive Again

    The introduction of "Deluxe Editions" and others confused me at first. I was expecting to buy a complete game and find out there are different editions that come with different perks. It was like they were planning to sell slices of pizzas and not the whole box. You'd get the box, the first 3 slices are still cooking, you'd pay for the whole thing now even though you don't have the rest of the slices, sometimes the slices that come after the 3 aren't even what you ordered.