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  1. Well, good luck, but your best bet is to find larger scale ones that you can crop to your liking. there isn't a lot of wallpapers if any of that custom resolution.
  2. I can make you a custom one mate, send me a PM with details? if you want one
  3. Im doing this for free for anyone. So backgrounds, profile pics, banners and stuff. If you want a design, send me a PM i only accept PM requests @ZimFreak Hey could you send me a PM its easier for me to manage my requests that way! thankyou!!
  4. Hello! im glad everyone is enjoying thier new backgrounds and graphics it makes me happy to see everyone so positive! If you could do me a favour and follow me on my Facebook page i linked in my profile i would be greatful! Here is a freebie for being such awesome people!
  5. Send me a PM with the details!
  6. Hey there, want to jump into the Dribble community and the only way to get in is if your invited by a member, so if you are a member or know of anyone with a spare invite please sent them my way!?! i would highly appreciate it! Also Happy New Year! Been busy with Christmas holidays and work, so not much time to design for you wonderful bunch but soon i will be ! What is Dribble - Think Twitter but with design aspect for designers to post their work and get rated and feedback for! really lively community and would love to be a part of ! Thanks peace out!
  7. Vibrations in the air near the subwoofer, he must like it. Or he likes the music you play. You'll never know
  8. Not a gym rat but i do like a good pump from a workout.
  9. I make graphics for users, if you like what you see in my thread PM me with details