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  1. Bittenfleax

    Fortnite won't launch?

    A friend of mine had this. Turned out to be anti-virus. Even though we disabled it, it would still cause this issue... We fixed it by removing his anti-virus. He was using Bullguard.
  2. Bittenfleax

    rainbow six siege crash at startup?

    Oh right, give it a go anyway. It may be your driver along with another program/update that you have and you friend does not.
  3. Bittenfleax

    rainbow six siege crash at startup?

    Try a different display driver.
  4. Bittenfleax

    Killer NIC (driver only) will i have any issues?

    You can pick up a 1GB Dual Intel PCI network card for £20 from eBay. It's what I did for my pfSense build.
  5. Yeah, well I have the same scenario. Importing a .PST with old emails into a new mailbox. But due to the nature of how it works it crashes sometimes and leaves it halfway, meaning when I next import it just creates duplicates... Even when doing a move and not copy..
  6. Hi guys, Has anyone had any luck with any free duplicate remover tools for Outlook email items? All the ones I try either don't work or you have to pay for... The version of Outlook does not matter as I can install to suit the application. Cheers
  7. Yes sorry, should of specified. I have edited my post to say email items As in you used CCleaner to remove just the PST's or actual email items within Outlook?
  8. Have a look in task manager at the memory and CPU usage. Also look in resmon.exe (find it in the performance tab of task manager) at the disk usage (on Windows 7 - disk usage should just be in task manager on Windows 8-10). See if it is abnormally high. Also check if any virus scans are running in the background. They slow down systems a lot.
  9. Bittenfleax

    Buffalo LinkStation Duo

    I am afraid all Buffalo's I have seen fail after a few years. Use ACP Commander (GUI version is much easier than command line), you can download it here: https://www.gry.ch/Java/styled/ You can run some commands and enable SSH. This voids the warranty but I doubt it is still in. You can then use PUTTY to SSH in and look at logs etc.
  10. Bittenfleax

    PFSense per IP Bandwidth Allocation

    First of all, you need to create an Alias for each user on DHCP. This will ensure that you always have an "identifier" name for that IP/Machine. The page looks like this and the location can be seen at the top. Next, you have to create a limiter. Well, you have to create two. One for download and one for upload. Like so... Make sure that the Enable limiter and its children is checked. Then create a firewall rule, with the protocol as any, the Source as your alias and then at the bottom with advanced settings, where it says In/Out pipe, put in your limiters. Like so...
  11. Bittenfleax

    Gmod or Cities Skyline?

    Hmmmmm, yes and no. A lot of my hours were with friends. It is hard to tell because game mode popularities shift (apart from the the obvious TTT and DarkRP) and so do servers. So one month it will be great with a brilliant server, then the next it will not be there and it will be crap because everything is French. If you are still young, e.g below 16 I would get Gmod. If not, Cities Skylines. Also Cities Skylines has great mods which carry on making it fun.
  12. Bittenfleax

    Gmod or Cities Skyline?

    I have 1800 hours on Gmod. But I cannot stand it now. I probably grew out of it. If you have a bunch of friends who would play with you then I would say Gmod. If not Cities Skylines. Both are GREAT games.
  13. Bittenfleax

    BT Smart Hub Lan issues

    Hmm, I would log into it using the WiFi and seeing the status of the ethernet from there. I take it you have tried different ports on the router itself as well? The only other way is contacting BT Which is kinda out of the question.
  14. Bittenfleax

    BT Smart Hub Lan issues

    Haha yeah, the "not so smart hub" And there are no lights at all??? Is there another device to try with the ethernet port on the router?
  15. Bittenfleax

    BT Smart Hub Lan issues

    Hello fellow Brummy Look at and then see if it detects that ethernet devices are connected. See if there are any options in the advanced that are turned off/on. I am still using a HomeHub 3 (only as an access point) so I do not really know the newer Smart Hub GUI. Good luck
  16. Bittenfleax

    Help me with my future build

  17. Bittenfleax

    Who's Asus' biggest rival in the industry?

    I depends what in. They have a range of different products from GPU's to Tablets. It would be difficult to list all competitors as they are in a lot of markets.
  18. Bittenfleax

    TeamViewer Wake on LAN Help

    I thought it was Port 9 because everyone knew it as that port and manufactures default to that?! I learn something new every day
  19. Bittenfleax

    TeamViewer Wake on LAN Help

    WoL is default on Port 9 though? Is it different for Teamviewer?
  20. Bittenfleax

    where to keep my server

    lol fair enough
  21. Bittenfleax

    where to keep my server

    Buy her some ear protection
  22. Bittenfleax

    where to keep my server

    If you have a garage which is dry, put it in there. It will be colder than the rest and no one lives in it so the noise won't matter.
  23. Bittenfleax

    TeamViewer Wake on LAN Help

    Use WireShark to ensure that the WoL packet is getting received externally. The IP box is your computers IP address.
  24. Bittenfleax

    Random BSOD

    I use this to diagnose BSOD's: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/blue_screen_view.html It says what driver is causing it which is great. It means you can update/downgrade the driver to different versions to try and get it to work.
  25. Bittenfleax

    ICT Questions paper 2016

    What exam board?