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  1. Good asthetics on the outside is good but on the inside I don't really care. For me it is performance>looks. But as long as you get some good cable management you will be fine. Extra LEDs are useless unless you have at least a nearly completely clear side panel. Otherwise don't bother with them.
  2. Even at your fans at the highest rpm the only thing i could honestly hear was my own pc next to me lol. Good job.
  3. For my next build I am not only going to add in a radiator with pushpull, and the quietest fans I have ever seen or heard of. But I will also try to integrate sound dampaning material so I get the quietest PC possible. My previous builds have been fairly quiet but not too my liking and I am sure if I take the time to add in the material Linus would be proud. Does anyone have any previous experience with sound proofing material? If so link me! This is the stuff I was planning on getting. http://www.mnpctech.com/Acoustical_Foam_Sheets_PC.html
  4. Actually Razetheworld on youtube did a test between the 8350 (Close enough) and an i5 3570K and and i7 and for streaming and recording at the same time the 8350 came out with more performance. Of course that will vary since you might not have the exact same build that he did when he tested it lol. I say stick with the 8320 dude of course going intel is a HUGE step performance wise but in this case those extra cores will come in handy for the future.
  5. I would spend a little more an get the Crucial M4. I don't have one personally but everyone I know or have seen that has one says it is very good.
  6. M4XvPA1N

    Need Speakers.

    PLEASE LOOK AT THIS COMMENT. The Logitech Z506 full speaker set are only 100usd. Which I don't know how much is in Denmark. But in The US they are great for the price. They come with 3 front facing speakers, a sub woofer, and 2 back left and right speakers. I use it for Dayz, blaring electronic and pretty much everything. They are by far the greatest speaker set I have owned. The sub woofer is small but offers great bass for the size and won't get in the way. I will link you my review of it in a PM.
  7. The first thing I would ask is why so many hard drives??? For a budget build like that a wd black 1tb had is enough. Otherwise to better upgrade your system an ssd would do great. On top of that depending on what your socket your CPU is I would get a newer one so in the future you have the option to get a modern gpu. Other than that its a solid build but I think if you upgrade in bits and pieces you can get the most out of your system.
  8. Just a myth. I took a chance on the wild side for my first build and did exactly that and it booted fine.
  9. Seem pretty self explanatory but I guess some people do that!
  10. Cool man well you still can't be sure until they do. You could be totally wrong.
  11. Knowing Corsair they aren't stupid. So we can all agree that they might not be the best, buuuuut, they are sure to not be the worst if they ever to come out with mobos.
  12. I would kill myself from excitement then get revived then get on that right away. MMMMMMMMMMMM
  13. Well they go for around $240, the one I bought. Then there is plenty of different versions also. I think it is a great medium-high end card, maxes everything out for me.