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    R7 2700 4.1ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asrock b450 gaming k4
  • RAM
    Gskill Ripjaws v 3200mhz cl16 2x8GB
  • GPU
    sapphire pulse 5700xt
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    fractal meshify c
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    250gb samsung ssd, 2tb seagate 7200rpm hdd, 512gb 2.5" hitachi hdd
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    Be quiet! Straight Power e11 650w
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    Acer 144hz 1080p TN
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    EK-Kit S240, NB Eloop 120mm, Be quiet! Shadow Wings 140mm Mid, Bitfenix Spectre LED 120mm
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    CM MK750, Storm Quickfire TK
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    Logitech G502 Spectrum, G303, G603
  • Sound
    Hyperx Cloud Stinger
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    Windows 10 64 bit
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    Acer Swift 3 (SF314-52), i5 7200u, 8gb

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  1. it's very important to find a mouse that fits your hand. If you have a mediamarkt in your area, where you can actually touch the mice, go there and try as many as you like and try to notice certain features that are important (like size, comfort grooves, rubber sides, outward/inwards leaning sides, scroll wheel, main switches). After that you can find one that best fits all of those preferences.
  2. g603. It has 0 latency, you can change the batteries so you don't have to trash it after a few years. It has bluetooth so you can use it with any laptop and some phones. 2 sidebuttons. Options: two AAs for reliability and battery life; one AA for gaming, lighter weight, better balance. A single 2000mAh AA lasts months, I hardly ever have to charge them. The scroll wheel is better than the g403's. It looks professional. It's not extremely expensive. Just don't lose the dongle. I've had it since release (2017), I'm not going easy on it. I'm not trying to spare its wheel or buttons. I carry it with me in my backpack (in a separate pocket). The G on its back is faded, other than it's flawless The software sometimes shits itself, but what software doesn't. (Not recognizing the first scroll step, messing with cursor speed, stuttering). I haven't noticed any issues recently though.
  3. imo at that point he's better off with the standard freezer 34 + another fan. 60usd -> thermalright true spirit 140 power. SIlent, powerful, tall, badass
  4. wait for the screen, it's probably fine
  5. i'd be surprised if it didn't. I use it with autodesk sketchbook on windows... Huion seems like the next best brand after wacom, and they are much cheaper. I'm sure they work with most popular drawing apps
  6. https://digimend.github.io/tablets/Huion_H640P/ i don't know how linux works but this looks like a driver to me
  7. if the washing/blowing don't work you could try a few computer stores or laptop repair stores if they have somebody who'd be willing to do it for a few bucks. Especially if you don't have any other options
  8. i have no idea about audio, however I can tell you that the stinger is a lot more comfortable. Imo the logitech headsets are trash in a world where hyperx headsets exist. The cloud stinger and cloud 2 are the most comfortable headsets I ever had on. I chose the stinger cuz I didn't wanna drop the cash on the cloud 2. The stinger was good enough. -very soft, light, comfortable -good sound -good mic -long ass splitter cable (it has a combo jack by default) -good build quality
  9. i use a huion h640p. It's a pretty good first tablet. Though with that budget I'd suggest a wacom intuos medium. I haven't tried it, it's pretty expensive, but if price is anything to go by, it must be much better than mine. An ipad+apple pencil might also be a great fit for you. Look up Brad Colbow. From what i've seen he's a professional artist and his favorite is the ipad
  10. maybe play a typing game like zty.pe or typeracer. If it doesn't give you a problem there, it's probably just the game. Otherwise you could send it in for warranty or just disassemble it yourself. Maybe sell it to somebody as spare parts.
  11. contact cleaner sounds good, then dry it out with compressed air or something. Just be careful with a compressor, I'm afraid a very high pressure blow might bend the contacts (if it's anything like a cherry switch). Desoldering isn't that difficult imo. Watch some videos from louis rossmann and learn from him how to solder (if the cleaning doesnt work). You would need -screwdriver -soldering iron -wick -flux -solder -zip ties or small flathead screwdrivers (to disassemble the switch) even the cheapest stuff would be fine, don't overthink it.
  12. 00RaZoR11

    3700x cooling

    I hope it will work well with the 3700x. Could you tell me about it? (so I know for sure whether I'd better stop recommending it or not )
  13. sorry for being so late. Naturally, you cannot avoid draining at least some of the liquid out of it. The difficult part is mixing new liquid that won't destroy the loop. Refilling can be done in a large container, so that you can submerge the radiator and the tube in the liquid, and reattach the tube while the pump is running. There is at least one video about this > click. (6.30)
  14. Go to a store where they have showcase units, even if theey aren't cherry, just compare the types of switches, clicky, linear, tactile. If silence is an important aspect, I'd suggest steering clear of any clicky switch, they are extremely loud (to me). I tried razer and some other smaller brand's clickies, and I made a decision after the 3rd press. Linear (red-like) switches are weird, the only feedback you get is when you bottom or out reach the top (if they are good quality. My tesoro "linear" gives feedback on the activation, similarly to a tactile, but in a less subtle way). I think it would take lots of practice to become efficient with linears. I double typed with them a lot, or just simply didn't press it deep enough. I presume it would cause you lots of headache with your webdeveloper job. Browns are pretty good, you feel when they acivate, and they are much more silent than clickies. I've had 3 mech keyboards, 2 coolermaster cherry browns and 1 tesoro linear, and after the ~300usd spent, I feel like I'll just buy a membrane kb once the current ones die completely. My latest cm mk750 had a big role in my changing of mind, because its switches come from a bad batch i think, and I have replaced like 12 of them (from my older cm quickfire tk, also cherry brown, which -funnily enough- I had hammered for years, and every switch on it still works). A good membrane kb will give you the feedback and silence and RGB. The hyperx alloy core rgb would be my choice these days. I don't know how it feels, but it can't be bad. Second place is any 20usd rgb thin laptop-style kb.