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  1. Small correction: 12 billion transistors, not 12 million. (2:19)
  2. I hope SEGA doesn't make a copyright claim for the Sonic sound effects. They have a history with YouTubers.
  3. Any particular reason to take this one over the Samsung T3? The SSD2go pocket 512GB costs $350, the Samsung T3 500GB costs $200, 1TB costs $400 and is available at even 2TB capacity for $750.
  4. Where do you plan to visit?
  5. Personally I don't particularly get excited for movies (since I don't watch movies or shows very often). What I want is actual HDR experience for gaming. Higher brightness with wider colour gamut and dynamic metadata for gaming should be amazing. Think about a dark scene in a game lit by a few candles and the torch you are holding. You can see the highlight between the darker parts and the minute detail despite it still being dark, as well as the brighter parts near the fire without being "overexposed". Seeing the actual flame with detail while seeing the slight difference between different dark and darker parts on the screen is actually exciting. How long do you think it will take until we get reasonably priced OLED true HDR monitors with high brightness, superwide colour gamut and higher than 60Hz (I would like to ask for 120Hz, but it might be too much to ask from Displayport 1.4 without compression). With CES coming, we will surely see some HDR PC monitors, LG already announced an HDR monitor (not OLED).
  6. Thanks for the giveaway. My comment is rather late because prices change and I wanted to choose them relatively close to the actual draw so it will be less likely that the price will change. I want to give my brother a storage upgrade for his PC, he is not very techie, but he is always complaining about games with a lot of load times and he has a lot of games and other things. So I was thinking of two Samsung 850 EVO 500GB to put games and other things on. Right now they are $147, so two of them will still be under $300. If you prefer to not send two parts even if both of them together are still under $300, or the price has changed to make them over $300, I will take the crusial BX200 960GB which is exactly $299.99 hopefully it won't go up in the next two days.
  7. A smartphone that doesn't have a sim card inside is an ipod alternative.
  8. I'm not very creative when it comes to naming things so my current computers are named: eyal_desktop eyal_nas eyal_c720 (acer chromebook) eyal_xps13 (newer dell laptop) eyal_oneplusone (a phone is also a computer)
  9. Funny how linus releases a video about recycling of electronics the same day of this post. Sadly there are no recycling centers/bins in the area so I will keep the battery in my house until I get the chance to be in that area (I don't want to drive 2 hours each direction just to throw a battery). Anyway thank you for your replies, I won't throw it in the regular trash.
  10. I replaced the battery on my dad's Z3 compact, but I'm not sure how I should dispose of the damaged (inflated battery), I know you're not supposed to put it with the regular trash. Also I'm curious to know what happens if you were to throw the battery with the regular trash, what kind of possible environmental damage could happen?
  11. Just bought a new laptop. Upgrading from the Acer C720 to the XPS 13

  12. My current mouse doesn't track very well.
  13. When Linus showed the Vessel video and talked about the fact that the video has a low amount of likes I was really surprised to hear that Vessel even has a like button. I watched every Vessel video from Linus and this is the first time I hear about them having a like button. I feel stupid now..
  14. According to rumors there will be a Galaxy S6 active and it will have a 3500mAh battery, waterproof and possibly a microSD card slot. But that's a rumor.. If it does that it would almost be the perfect phone for me since I don't mind it being thicker for the nice battery. Adding a dual sim support would make the hypothetical S6 active the ultimate phone in my opinion. Although non of the rumors indicate it. If I won't find a dual sim version of the S6 active I'll just buy something like the THL 4000 to use for traveling and a regular high end phone as my primary phone.
  15. I like the fact that despite being thin and light it doesn't get loud under load and temps are good too. Gotta love broadwell's power efficiency.. One big deal breaker for me is the 16:9 display. 16:10 laptops are so much better, but sadly there aren't many options on the market when it comes to 16:10 14" lightweight laptops.