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  1. No worries about the budget though, forgot to mention about it.
  2. Next month, I'm preparing for my new pc build, but I want to have your suggestions or advices on my build. As the title says, I want to have a pc for a gaming and video editing but with only a maximum of 700-750 watt PSU. The specs : - maximum performance for 700-750 watt PSU - no RGB and fancy visual things - two storage, one for the OS the other one for data - maximum ram capacity depending on the motherboard - a motherboard without unnecessary features that I'll not use based on gaming and video editing - an AIO watercooled for processor - any processor - any GPU - any case with good airflow and dust filter without RGB here and there, a simple static light inside it is enough for me - quiet or less noise case fan - don't mind about the budget I excluded the keyboard, mouse, and the monitor. Oh and btw, I will use a 32" monitor. Hardwares might be hard to find based on where I live ( I'm from Indonesia ), but a least I got the references for my build. Thank you to whoever gave me a suggestion.
  3. Well for me if I win, I would definately use this processor for multitasking, and of course gaming, and maybe switch to intel, since now I'm using amd processor, and it's far better than mine.
  4. My favorite ? All of them, because it's a giveaway, and it's free. Considering all of the parts are still better than mine though, sigh.
  5. Well, I found linustechtips by accident when I watched some cat video, I was curious about computer review video showing on the right side of youtube panel, so I clicked and watched it, long short story, finally I subscribed. Since that day I never miss a single upload from linustechtips. I like everything about computer stuff, but I don't know why I like pc case review the most. Btw, congratulation on your 1 million subscribers, keep up the good work.
  6. This video helps me a lot when I just want to buy a new monitor http://youtu.be/YC-KHOKM7ck Jayz is good at custom build watercooling