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    i7 4770
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    MSI B85M-E45
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    GTX 670
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    Define mini
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    1Tb (HDD) + 80gb (HDD) + 120 (SSD)
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    1 x 1080p + 1 x 900p
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    Windows 10

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  1. Worked fine with old gpu which I sold off to pay for the 780 There is no OC running. I'm stuck thinking it has to be a software issue as running multiple games at once stops the crashing.
  2. Upgraded to a Gtx 780 from a 670 and I can no longer play games longer than a couple minutes. Now my first thought was thermals and power draw, probably something hardware related right? Apparently not. Temperatures are around 60 degrees for the card. I mainly play GTA Online with friends, and so that's what I'd ideally prefer to run on this machine with an i7 4770. A weird workaround I found with testing is that if i launch rocket league into a game, leave it open and play GTA i don't crash out. This just adds to the confusion. I've played with reinstalling drivers, uninstalling games I don't play anymore and I have no clue what to do next.
  3. I want to setup a FreeNas so our Roku and other devices can access our WDTVLIVEHUB as a plex server. The freenas would be acting as a middleman so it can stream to devices that cannot access UPNP shares directly. Currently I'm using a windows pc with the WDTV as mapped network storage and it has plex on it serving the media. So is it possible to add a NAS as Storage to a Freenas system, to be used as a plex media server?
  4. My card is consistently throtttling itself to 700-800mhz whilst running at around 60 degrees in GTA V. I'd used to get 70-90fps in this game but I'm now getting 40-70. I've tried cooling the card better and playing other games and so far I've managed to hit the boost clock of 1100mhz a few times where my fps would return to normal, but after a few seconds it would go back to underclocking itself. I'm running a 4770 and 12gb of ram and everything is cooled pretty well. Is this just the card being killed off?
  5. I'm new to the mac world and launching stuff just feels slow on my new retina macbook pro, but I've noticed the same thing happens on my friends macs. The Sata III SSD in my desktop running windows 10 manages to launch word and give me my document in less than a second, if not two. Whereas my macbook with a pcie based SSD, takes a good 5+ seconds. I'm a student with little to no time to waste. WHAT THE HELL! My Dad's old Celeron notebook with a Sata II SSD launches word in roughly 2-3 seconds, and even that beats out my 2015 macbook. Is this just an OS X limitation or what. Yes using safari and stuff feels fast, but launching stuff takes forever. (yea yea first world problems 5 seconds) Pages seems to launch faster, but launching system preferences just makes me mad. Just WHY DO YOU NEED SO MUCH TIME! Am I going insane? Is it just me?
  6. Replaced motherboard, everything works now. Kinda really happy nothing else died.
  7. GPU was tested and is fine. My tests showed that everything bar the mobo and cpu work which I can't test. Power supply works fine.
  8. I've borrowed a friends pc, and have verified that all of the peripherals seem okay, and I've managed to boot into windows. By peripherals I mean graphics card, ram, and hard drives, although my one important drive appears to be converted to raw? The motherboard and cpu are the only parts I can't check.
  9. The CPU came from cex which should've been tested before resale. Considering when I was able to boot into windows, everything worked, and I did stress test, and already start transcoding video. And the cpu technically didn't just stop. I was still talking into Skype and hearing responses until I forced off the machine. Here's hoping that the cpu survived. True, I'll be sure to update this thread as I go along and would be grateful if you guys could keep helping along the way.
  10. I've had my system for two days in its newest config. I upgraded cpu and motherboard. I got a second hand 4770 from cex and a new b85-e45 from Amazon. The system would be very unstable from the bios stage, but when it booted into windows everything would be fine. Today, whilst I was in the middle of playing a game whilst having Skype open on the other screen, and the screens just went blank. I could still talk to my friend with Skype, but every fan in my pc hit max rpm. Panicking I forced off the machine in case a part was overheating and this was a safety thing. But the system wouldn't boot anymore after that. The power switch would turn on the psu, and the hard drives would spin up. The front panel led wouldn't even turn on. There weren't any bios beeps either. I tried to boot without the gpu, then removed the cmos battery to reset bios, then removed all hard drives and I'd get the same problem. Considering the power switch still did something, ie, power on the psu, is this the CPUs fault or motherboard? And also do you guys have any advice on what I do now to troubleshoot? I've ordered a replacement motherboard to be delivered in two days and have no second pc.
  11. I keep finding contradicting information everywhere regarding this issue. Is it generally okay to add different branded ram running at a different speed to a pc with ram already in it. I've currently got two sticks of corsair 4gb xm3 1600mhz, and want to add a stick of 4gb Hyper X fury at 1866mhz. This is because I need a slight buffer over 8gb as I use it all. I know it'd run at a lower 1600mhz, but what about the timings and stuff? Would I need to set them manually or what?
  12. I've always been using my FX-6300 to convert video files into mp4 to save space and in general allow it to be played on all the devices in my house. Is there a way to use my GTX 670 to convert the video instead? I've known about cuda for a while but from what I've read, support for that has dropped in favour for NVENC or something. I've been using handbrake this whole time, and wanted to know if you guys have any suggestions for software that would use my graphics card to render the videos instead.
  13. I'm using Virgin Media and my phone should be unlocked. It's the D855 international model. How would I flash it without root? I can't even get a recovery on it. Would this work with lollipop? Mine came with 5.0 out of the box. And how would I even downgrade to kitkat it if I can't install CWM/TWRP?
  14. I've "rooted" my LG G3 several times using the one click method, as well as the imageprep thingy and I still don't actually have root access. I haven't had any errors with any of the programs, and yet my phone refuses to root. Any suggestions? This is driving me mad.