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  1. Hello i am a guy in Australia (Victoria Melbourne) i just recently built my new gaming pc and i have a wireless card in my Pcie slot(http://www.tp-link.com.au/products/details/?model=TL-WDN4800) The pc is very good but my internet is shit. I currently have the router/modem that came my isp. This is my speeds. i have no next door neighbours so i have no wireless interference Will buying a new router/modem give me better ping/download and upload?
  2. hello i'm building a gaming pc $2000 - $2400 (Australian Dollars). all i need is a psu and a monitor that will go good with the build. http://au.pcpartpicker.com/p/MdjDmG i play first person shooters alot! and y i have a i7 for gaming..... i just want one.
  3. hello i need help picking a Gaming Monitor.looking at ones that are 120 -144 hz
  4. hello this is my gaming pc what do you think. y i have a 4790k for gaming, i just want one http://au.pcpartpicker.com/p/NvtNBm my skype: dog12345drew
  5. the i7 is for video editing and the heatsink its not as loud as the one that comes with the cpu
  6. Just wanted to ask if this gameing build is good and will it work. http://au.pcpartpicker.com/user/dog12345drew/saved/937scf If you want to add me on skype username: dog12345drew
  7. hello, i'm looking to buy a gameing pc for $2000 -$2200 (AUD) i'm haveing a hard time picking the parts for some things. i'm looking for a motherbord and a monitor. i do a lot of first person shooters i need one that is good for that. the gpu wanting to get is a asus gtx 970 strix 4gb so can some one help me. if you want to call me and have a chat about it on skype add me user:dog12345drew bye parts i got at pc part picker http://au.pcpartpicker.com/p/kHCwCJ
  8. just asking who was the guy that had on hes bio it was like "computer are like girls idk about you but i like my cases look just a good inside and outside" some shit like that