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  1. Yes. Of course they break. Eventually. Like everything. Reason you hear about them breaking more often than not is cause lots of people use them.
  2. It hasn't died. It's the most widely used cryptocurrency, and pretty much the only one used in places like Grams, Dream Market and Alphabay. Though the latter has started supporting Monero as of recently, but few people actually use it.
  3. Why ask stupid queations that NOBODY can answer when reviewer benchmarks are just around the corner? This has already been beaten to death many times. The answer is maybe.
  4. I used to play this multiplayer online game called Habbo Hotel a few years ago, and I used to troll people and tell them that certain actions can be completed more quickly by pressing F5. Some of them would refuse to do so under the pretense that their PC would get a virus if they did so or that I'd hack into their PC.
  5. If you don't quote ppl, they won't see that you replied. Why not let the automatic repair do its thing then?
  6. When somehing is loose, it means that it is not tight. Like a rope. Not the same as when you lose something, which is the opposite of gaining it.
  7. Text is unreadable in night mode. Edit your post, select all and click remove formatting (it's one of the buttons above the text box).
  8. Once upon a time, I plugged a peripheral into a USB 3.0 port, and got an error message saying that I should plug it into a USB 2.0 port, or else it won't work properly. Anyway... Have you installed/updated USB 3.0 drivers Chipset drivers Mouse/Keyboard drivers ?
  9. If you have more than 1 RAM stick, try booting with 1 of them at a time.
  10. Huh? I can buy 96% ethyl alcohol in most pharmacies. I'm thinking that you may have caused the CPU's heat spreader to bulge out when you were prying it off, so it doesn't make contact with the dye. Would you care to remove the heatsync and see if the surface is completely flat?
  11. Laptop CPUs are an exception, as there are i7s with just 2 cores and HT. You can look the CPUs up at ark.intel.com for detailed specs.
  12. It won't break, the CPU will just throttle down if it gets too hot.
  13. The CPU is fine, else you wouldn't have gotten have gotten the PC to boot at all. Double check everything else, connectors, CPU fan, etc.
  14. 100% wait for Zen. Only a few more days...
  15. No SSD? Well, there's your bottleneck, you're running everything off of the same mechanical drive. Go buy an SSD and put your OS on it. For now: Disable Windows Defender Disable Windows Search Indexer Though you're probably not getting bad performance anyway, are you.