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  1. Are you plugging into mobo or graphics card?
  2. At least 5, but I'd dare to say probably 10 years.
  3. You are being a bit hard to understand and somewhat ambiguous. Can you list all the parts for both PCs and exactly what changes are made to them?
  4. Unreadable. Please edit and remove formatting (it's one of the buttons above the text box).
  5. What exactly do you not understand? Each cable and each connector is labeled, so just match.
  6. GTX 650 is waaay better than GT 640, so you don't really make a good point
  7. Your best bet is to wait for Zen. Just a few more days.
  8. Do you have any other storage drives that you can use to install Windows onto so that you can clear the main drive from the other drive?
  9. Are you using the right slot configuration? You have to populate the RAM slots in a certain order if you aren't utilizing all of them.
  10. Can you get into the BIOS at all? If so try clocking the RAM down.
  11. I think it's safe to say that at the very least it won't be utter garbage.
  12. Yeah cause single threaded performance was bad. But we know that this aspect will be different this time around.
  13. few days Announcment is at CES 2017 which is January 5th. Release will follow soon after.
  14. Wait for Zen. You'll get equal performance for less money.
  15. It surely won't take long. You'll be able to get a lot more performance for your money.
  16. Budget build. Wait for Zen. Only a few more days.
  17. It ain't toxic. It's Spain where I'm at right now, and some people here buy alcohol at the farmacy or drugstore (you can get it for less than 5 bucks a liter), and mix it with stuff to make alcoholic beverages. I guess Europe isn't as crazy about controlling alcohol as the US. Austria even allows 16 y/os to buy beer. He.