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  1. I don't know. But you can measure temps with both the front panel on and off and decide for yourself.
  2. Sorry, I thought you meant the side panel. Nevermind.
  3. Taking the front panel off will decrease airflow.
  4. Three intakes is probably fine though I'd put the fans facing upwards and out because that's the way heat goes; but yeah, you should be fine.
  5. You have an entire triple rad only for your CPU? Why? Do you plan to upgrade and add the graphics card too in the future? Can you post a pic of the thing (or a crude drawing if it still isn't assembled, indicating all the fan holes)?
  6. Is the Titan X connected to the rad? Or is it only the CPU?
  7. Remember the R9 295x2? How the thing was cooled by a tiny single 120mm rad and still managed to stay cool? Three separate fans (assuming it's a triple rad) should be plenty for anything.
  8. There are aftermarket heatsyncs that you can buy individually for cheap and stick onto the card. I'm not familiar with this card in particular, but a quick Google search should tell you if there are any.
  9. I clean mine when it gets dirty. I don't do it every X weeks, I just watch the inside through the side panel and remove the dust when it appears to be too filthy.
  10. Yes, you buy bitcoins from stock exchanges. I personally use Coinbase, which is fairly good. You can also use it as your wallet if you aren't going to store huge amounts of bitcoins or make lots of transactions. If your goal is to pay for stuff using bitcoin, I wouldn't recommend storing a lot of it in your wallet, since its value fluctuates (by a lot, sometimes), and you might find that your $300 worth of bitcoin are suddenly only worth $250. Though it could also be the other way around.
  11. If you want to be updated, go to AMD's website, and subscribe to their newsletter.
  12. Leave it running. Hard drives will suffer more from having to spin up and down than from leaving them be.
  13. Seasonic doesn't have a single bad PSU.
  14. Use the permalink. Also, try to open that link in incognito mode.
  15. Put a flat head screwdriver or a knife between the wall and the thing and pry either of them off. They've got to come apart.
  16. They are probably just going to discredit legitimate news that go against their interests.
  17. He did it for a thing where he dressed up in like a kind of cosplay. There's a video somewhere on his channel (or was it on NCIX?); if you look far enough you'll find it.
  18. Litargirio


    The reason they bleep it out is cause people get offended by everything and because they would have to M rate their videos if they didn't, not because it is in any way superfluous.
  19. Litargirio


    Because it is a fundamental part of expressing oneself? Pretty dumb question. It's like asking why people use the word "the" so much.