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Posts posted by Litargirio

  1. 3 hours ago, slightlyjaded said:

    I thought I made it obvious that I was talking about the plane's autopilot. I guess I should have made it obvious for people unwilling to read.

    Oh... yeah, sorry; I have a tendency of not reading stuff before replying.

  2. It's true; I also feel that all of the games are boring and even though I have 100+ games on my steam library I always feel bored no matter what I choose.


    Perhaps buy a Game Boy Advance SP and get some of the older games, those were a TON of fun and very engaging; I've been emulating them on my PC lately and have had a lot more fun than with any of the other games I've played on my PC




  3. 1 minute ago, CongHamboy said:

    i never had any amd products in the past and i heard they get really hot and need more watts

    That is true for the most recent line of CPUs (previous one to Zen), and the R9 290 / 290x graphics cards, but not all of their products.


    8 minutes ago, CongHamboy said:

    are they better or just good value?  

    Equal in single threaded performance, but with more cores and cheaper; so you could maybe say that better.


    4 minutes ago, CongHamboy said:

    but will it be enough if you have have good cooling?

    What will be enough?

  4. 1070 with lesser cooling is way better (since slightly better cooling on the CPU won't give you much better performance), but at this point you might as well wait for Zen which is just about to get released and will probably be cheaper at the same performance.

  5. 46 minutes ago, Kumaresh said:

    Will China be able to circumvent services like Tor though ? Anticipating such things would happen, many people might have hard copies of the Tor browser which could easily be distributed everywhere. Or will they go so far as to look up EVERY single person who has looked up Tor or any form of VPN o.O

    Well, they can't really completely prevent people from using VPNs, only prevent them from downloading them, and maybe block connections to known VPN IPs (which are not static anyway). But you can simply have an installer on a USB stick and pass it around, allowing people to install the client without having to download it.


    On 1/26/2017 at 1:34 AM, CoolMarquis97 said:

    I tried it for a month but really didn't like it. It seemed to mess up my internet connection and constantly disconnect/reconnect. 

    I would recommend Astrill, if you ever need a replacement. Been using it for a year, and has worked very solidly for me.