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    UK, NI
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    Gaming, Streaming
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    Currently in UK, gaming and studying.
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  • CPU
    i7-4790K with H105
  • Motherboard
    ASRock Extreme 4 Z97
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance Blue (2x4)
  • GPU
    Sapphire Radeon R9 290X
  • Case
  • Storage
    1TB HDD
  • PSU
    SuperFlower 650W Fully Mod. GOLD
  • Display(s)
    BenQ GL2460 24" LED
  • Cooling
    Case Fans 2 x 140 + 1 x 120
  • Keyboard
    CM Storm
  • Mouse
    CM Storm
  • Sound
    Onboard HD Audio
  • Operating System
    8.1 @ 64 bit

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  1. SHiFT

    Need help with G633 Equalizer!

    Hey guys. I have been enjoying the amazing bass on this thing, however I am using the Logitech software and the 7.1 setting as well. I am looking for an equalizer to get the sounds "closer" to me in a way. I am playing a game and it sounds good, but like if I played it from across the room if it makes sense. Can anyone give some tips on what to do and not do please?
  2. SHiFT

    McGregor v Mayweather fight

    Thanks, but not what I asked. No, as in no streams? There has to be one or two or more.
  3. SHiFT

    McGregor v Mayweather fight

    Hey! Any of you guys know any streams online that are reliable and legit where it could be watched? Thanks
  4. SHiFT

    HDMI Stopped being recognised / outputting AUDIO

    I will try and search for another HDMI cable then sometime soon haha. Just weird as the video aspect is there
  5. SHiFT

    HDMI Stopped being recognised / outputting AUDIO

    I have not, however the video is there and it was working 2 days ago and I did not touch it or nothing, so never really considered that?
  6. SHiFT

    HDMI Stopped being recognised / outputting AUDIO

    I am and I used to do that. It just doesnt show up. It used to be the 4th, and anytime I did Windows Key P it changed to LG TV, etc. Now, it's not there. I checked all these basic things, even restarted Audio Services, etc.
  7. Well hello! A few days ago I was using my computer. Windows Key + P, project screen to TV, automatically sound played from my TV and my speakers that are connected to the TV. I was gonna do that today, however it is not recognised in the Playback at all, however the video is there on my TV as usual. I have tried many different things, possibly not all but probably close to it. Any suggestions? please help!
  8. Heyho! Looking for a website to watch Leicester - Sevilla from, however most seem awful or full of ads or other malware things, so anyone knows a proper good one that I could watch and cast to my TV? Please help!
  9. So, I downloaded Quantum Break. Played the first 5 minutes, then I was like, yeah it seems to work well I'll play later when I'm back from school. I exited the game and everything became piss slow. Like, everything. I then did a restart, and it hanged on the Windows 10 "Welcome" for a while, then black screened. I then went to school, so now I got home and checked. Started the computer, it went to the desktop but everything took a long time to load, not the icons but more the taskbar icons and items. Opening stuff takes a long time and it's just slow. Oh, also my CPUID shows 0% Usage and 0 Clock for my GPU which is an R9 290X. Tbh not sure what happened? It's just much slower than it was and it happened in an instant. Someone please gimme some ideas.
  10. SHiFT

    No Signal to the monitor

    Well, it just hangs. It runs, but the monitor doesn't respond, check video cable. Probably is the GPU. Not sure so gonna take it to a technician prob. How can I switch back to onboard? Is it not disabled once the new GPU is installed? Because the problem is that I get no monitor response, so I can't go into BIOS or anything, I literally see nothing. There is a VGA that goes into the MB up above, and I tried doing that so VGA to VGA like that, still nothing happened.
  11. SHiFT

    No Signal to the monitor

    Not really, nope. No power to the keyboard or mouse either. I think it might be hanging so where not sure about the term. It has a DVI too and I tried a DVI cable to monitor and GPU and it didn't work. card is an old Radeon HD5670 I believe. Probably that's gone to shit because it had its faults tbh
  12. SHiFT

    No Signal to the monitor

    Can anyone help a bit?
  13. Heyho. So I was about to put together my old PC and this problem happened again. I start it, the peripherals get no power but the PC and the fans just run normally. There is no signal to the VGA or the DVI. Default is DVI as the gpu had issues with stuff, been a while not sure. So it got an adapted like you seen on the attached picture. If I change the source on the monitor still nothing happens and there is no signal to either or. Any suggestions?