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    UK, NI
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    Gaming, Streaming
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    Currently in UK, gaming and studying.
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    i7-4790K with H105
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    ASRock Extreme 4 Z97
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    Corsair Vengeance Blue (2x4)
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    Sapphire Radeon R9 290X
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    1TB HDD
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    SuperFlower 650W Fully Mod. GOLD
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    BenQ GL2460 24" LED
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    Case Fans 2 x 140 + 1 x 120
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    CM Storm
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    CM Storm
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    Onboard HD Audio
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    8.1 @ 64 bit

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  1. Haha - that's fair. I always had this weird thing about these compressed cans. I wish it just blew air, and air only.. without any of this chemical reaction that scares the hell out of me! I know it's stupid, but my girlfriend's leopard print hair dryer it is!
  2. I think I will do just that - I get anxiety about how the surface(s) look after I just tested this on my black keyboard! Frost, then condensation, then a darker patch is left until it.. dries if ever. All it does is blows air at the surface - without any sort of this frosting effect, so as long as the hair dryer doesnt touch anything - no "shock damage" can ever happen right?
  3. Hey man - yeah. I've used it before so basically I know what to do - I just spray directly AT something. The surface briefly gets covered in frost - then condensation is left, and a darker patch is present which makes it "darker" - tested this on my keyboard. It remains cold.. and not like if i used a hairdryer.
  4. Hey all! So today I got "compressed gas" which I presume is the same as "compressed air". The thing is - what it blows out is.. somewhat "wet" and in a sense leaves frost marks that disappear rather quick. I am unsure if I want to spray wet / frosty discharge all over a motherboard and whatnot. I also have a hair - dryer, could just put it to cold and use that and a soft brush to clean it - surely? And no wet discharge! Obviously, everything disconnected outside?
  5. Yeah man - thanks for your help and time. I was out of the hardware game for long so I'm back to a noob status. I'll just play Hearthstone all weekend - I also found a used i7-4790 and a QUADRO card in old office.. so I can shift those and my GPU will be even cheaper haha.
  6. Yeah - ordered the card anyways. It's unusable, I can only browse of play games like SW:The Old Republic which isnt GPU heavy at all - more so CPU - and that is all. Has the power and usability of an intergrated Intel HD chip sadly.. sad that it came to this. But - least I upgrade a bit. Also found RAM in my office that I nicked - so 16GB it is
  7. Great stuff - order placed.. so now I just wait.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I got the GPU - so should be OK. It's the same slot PCI-E (??) as the old R9 290X and it has an 8 pin and a 6 pin. Old one had 2 x 8 so just need to find a 6 pin, and.. that's about it I guess? It's not a big job to do this. I hope.
  9. So, I did. Turned down core by about 100, memory by around 150. The game crashed - even sooner. Although AFTER the crash, there are no black lines across.. same kind of result but.
  10. Cheers dude! I was out of the hardware game for years.. so just worrying for no reason.
  11. After R6 Siege crashes, this is the kind of stuff I see. Can you confirm that this is indeed a GPU issue and it's just.. unusable for gaming?
  12. So I played (tried to) R6 Siege. After I was picking a class, the game crashes.. This is what I see now. Can I confirm - is this 100% a GPU issue, artifacting and need replaced before I make the purchase?
  13. Okay - great. I mainly worried about the connection points, and whether if the ASRock Mobo that is kind of old still supports a new-gen GPU..
  14. Well.. regardless. 8GB is a bit of future-proofing for demanding titles. It's a very good priced card with the performance I need. I just now need to find the courage to buy it, and try to put it in myself!