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  1. Thank you bro can u guide me whats RMA and as for the gpu display that gpu is dead i tested it on other pc it is dead.
  2. Bro i did boot my pc and test with hwmonitor and hwinfo64 attaching pics of result can u go over them ..
  3. Man i didnt try booting up.to windows i was scared it might destroy my pc should i try to boot and test hwinfo64 report ?
  4. I test with a new psu and still same readings .. bro even look that cpu temp sensor is going nuts too -9*c in a city where room temp is 20*c
  5. Bro i test a new psu and still the surge problem and yeah -9 *c thats not possible i live in pakistan and even in winter my temps can go negative.. i went to.local market today they say that dont use pc as it will fry my cpu having said that local market people here are not near experts...
  6. Hello guys . Yesterday i inserted a friends gpu in my pc gtx 760 but it wasnt giving any display.soo i took it out and started my pc since then on boot up its says asus surge protect initiated and cpu over voltage error press f1 for setup.. i went into the bios and in monitoring tab saw my cpu input voltage peaked to 4.08v ( pic attached ) I am not running my pc cause i am scared i might destroy my pc Any help would be appricieted Peace Specs Intel core i7 4770k Asus z87k 8 gb corsair Tt 730 smart se psu
  7. Hello guys can u help me i am using z87 k and for some reason my pc giving asus surge protect error with cpu over voltage i check bios and found in monitoring that my cpu voltage or as u say vccin is red marked and has reading 4.08 v there are also other red marks all the voltages are spiked.. plis help
  8. plz man i am not in a mood for this just want a more positive approach
  9. hello guyz.my pc is not booting up no post and no beeps even the code is not changing it is stuck at 00 i tried all the basic like changing ram but no response its like the m.b is hang and wont do any response specs. intel i7 4770k asus maximus 7 formula corsair vengence 8gb asus gtx 770 t.t smart se 730 psu
  10. I think 4770k have high temps at idle mine is 40 at idle my cooler is tt frio advance with corsair fans................
  11. nope no result any other suggestion................. I have virus in my pc is this have connection to wifi my 1 tb hardisk that I didn't format have virus plzz help me I will be great full to you..................
  12. I dont think its my router as i have tried to connect my friends wifi with different router but the error alwayd shows up and password was correct. What is mac filltering on ap? The card is total freak when i install its driver on my new windows(8.1) it show a red cross sign and no network available when i removed the driver it says connections are availabel it didnt happen on windows 7.last time i connected to wifi was my first time using it at night i shut my pc down in the morning this sht appear "cant connect to this wifi" Plz help
  13. Cant connet to wifi need freking help i have tried everythig example reinstalling drivers,changing windows,first i have windows 7 ultimate the wifi worked fine the next day this error showed up about 3-4 months ago so i thouht it was a windows error but when i change my windows to windows 8.1 as i install the driver for wifi it stop scanning for wifi then i uninstalled it strated scanning but the same error showed up of windows cant connect to this network here is the screen shot I Know about this site as i have seen almost all of linus unboxing and pc building plzz help me. I am using the mpci combo card that came with maximus 6 extreme........