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  1. The company I work for makes simulator grade displays (for USAF and other Air Forces plus 360 degree globes) with also short throw display, but these figures blew my mind...
  2. Ah so something has been mentioned? Mustve missed it. Really want one because of the style and the zip bonus that it supports LTT also.
  3. Hey guys, Not sure if this is the correct topic to be posting in Off Topic (derp) but I am desperately searching for the hoody that Linus is wearing during the CES coverage to purchase, its orange and black with the WAN show logo (in LTT orange with white) and has a front zipper. He's wearing it during this review: Any help would be great!
  4. Great thanks for the information any ways guys! Unfortunately only one of these CPUs will be be OC'd (mine, hence the reason for asking) and the other two will be kept at stock, so we'll never truly know their potential...
  5. I've just picked up my 3x 4790ks for our triple build, looking at the packaging I have noticed one of them has a different batch number compared to the other two, I'm wondering if there is a way of finding out which chip MAY perform better just going on batch number alone? (without even unboxing it) Batch#: 2x L419B574 1x L420B877
  6. *palm to forehead* doh, the warranty! Thanks for the answer!
  7. I already stated I wanted a larger capacity drive as I run OS from SSD I already stated I wanted a larger capacity drive as I run OS from SSD Awesome, thanks for the clarification! I didnt consider the loudness of the drives really, i'll be grabbing a couple of Blues instead!
  8. I know, I know, I know... I shouldnt even be buying the retail version of the 4790k but its the same price as the tray version! Fortunately this has an added benefit, the NZXT Kraken X61 I originally wanted to use is not yet released in the EU (hopefully end September) so until then the only option I have without spending more of my budget money is using the Intel stock heatsink and fan, of course I wont be OCing or doing anything extreme until the X61 is fitted, but my question is is this risky to use even temporarily for gaming/light testing whilst I wait? I'm struggling to find reviews of stock coolers on top tier CPU's (no wonder really) so any information would be appreciated!
  9. Looking at buying a few WD Black 2TB as I'm running OS from main SSD and want a larger capacity sotrage, but am wondering if the Black version are actually worth buying as the specs do seem alot similar compared to the Green and Red versions... or am i missing something here?
  10. Yup, it seems its a pre-order only item... I really really really want this for my H440 especially as it performs better than the H100i
  11. I've been attempting to find a supplier of the NZXT Kraken X61 in Belgium (or surrounding EU countries that would ship to BE) as I wish to purchase 3 for my upcoming triple build, but with no luck as so far it seems my only option is to purchase from the US with an extra 150 Euro of shipping and Taxes!!! Would anyone know of a supplier in BE or EU or even one that does ship to Belgium at a more reasonable price?
  12. Yea I also cant seem to find the list of resellers. If you read the FAQ on the site you MUST have a redeemable coupon/code that is from the supplier of the card (Not redeemable via AMD) I wouldnt mind spending even 50 Euro more per card if I know I could get this offer...
  13. After watching the latest LinusTechTips video I was informed about the latest offering from AMD http://www.amd4u.com/radeonrewards/ As I plan to purchase 3x R9 290x Vapor-X OC in the coming weeks I would love to cash in on this deal, however I cant seem to find out the availability of the coupons or even which suppliers they have provided the coupons to, specifically I'm looking for a stockist in Belgium or the EU (France/Germany etc...) as I am desperate for the special Star Citizen AMD branded Mustang (plus other games of course) Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Im not finding many reviews of this, but plenty of the corsair. Why is it better?
  15. Yea I was initially surprised as the price difference also, losing £9 across all 3 machines is negligible even with very minor gains.