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  1. it may come in handy. Tablets? Cell Phones? IoT devices?
  2. Yes, but I own Apple product and I could not say the other brand names. Agreed, but there's a need for a little advancement.
  3. Nice setup, the question would be - what's the use case? Computer Science lab?
  4. I am actually pretty stoked about this news as some notebook vendors, *cough*Apple*cough*, could stop soldering their SSDs into Motherboards. https://hardware.slashdot.org/story/19/08/06/1911212/toshiba-introduces-new-tiny-nvme-ssd-form-factor
  5. I would not say that Bootcamp is a part of MacOS, for example. Or that sharing data between devices is MacOS related (that's more to do with the whole ecosystem, than MacOS itself).
  6. Yeah, most of the mentioned is software-related, not hardware-related. So I guess, we can agree on that. But hardware is getting more and more... janky...
  7. Nuclear fusion and solid-state batteries. Finally no more coal.
  8. - mathematics (+cryptography) - AoE2 - sleep - Youtube
  9. is that on youtube community page? There you go. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl2mFZoRqjw_ELax4Yisf6w/community?lb=UgyOPm7WESTxNtivgE94AaABCQ
  10. It's not bad! However, you need to work on readability big time. I can hardly read the text in that table. This info you snuck there: > Latest News: The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay R.. > Latest film added: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016) needs to find a better placement and you should implement pagination on your frontpage.
  11. Geez, such a non-issue getting beaten to death
  12. > Linus: But 3000$ is a lot to ask for the privilege of beta testing something. > Macbook users: Hold my latte.
  13. What about trying Ryzen with two rendering queues instead of one? Just sayin...
  14. As I thought, you really bought that 4K 1k FPS camera? Geez. What's Brandon's opinion on it? ;D ... so will you do a PS/2 and USB comparison?
  15. A stub is a short piece of code that doesn't do anything, but to comply with all requirements of framework or language. So stubbing is there just to place some kind of "placeholders" if you will. Mocking is, on the other hand, some outlining how the method/API call should behave on some input, but again, it is not functioning properly (not real processing is happening within the API call). Mocking is there to test API design from 10000 ft overview, whether the API call gives you all the necessary information to properly progress in the action and so on.
  16. That doesn't matter. It's not a competition but a rather quasi-research into the reaction time/FPS causation/correlation. If the reaction time and accuracy depends on the FPS, you would see a bigger improvement in professionals (which is more likely as they play at home at 120 or 144 Hz) and smaller in noobs, if it doesn't affect professionals, it would make sense to conclude that the human brain-hand tandem cannot react and process input faster than 60FPS and thus making higher FPS nicer to the eye but not getting any advantage out of it.
  17. Okay, my take on methodology: 3 people doing 3 sets on 2 refresh rates are statistically not significant. I think having one set of mice on specified DPI can play against a player who doesn't like that particular model of a mouse (have you noticed that many people hold their mice a bit different than others?). Just for the sake of making less-variable test, I would say that it really could hinder the results, especially when the test is measuring the best performance of a player. I really would say that having pro players doing more sets of runs with their own mice would be a better methodology, but it would require much more people to get through the tests and videos. Nevertheless, the video was quite interesting and I just can't wait when Brandon says he needs a high-speed 4K camera.
  18. I wonder, would you recommend iPad Pro for note taking in the classroom? How is the writing on the glass doing? I heard there are some screen "protectors" that make it feel more like a paper. Is it any better?
  19. I would suggest you to edit the headline of the topic.
  20. I would suggest not mixing Lua into the database, until completely necessary. Maybe you should consult the Database Engine SQL's specification. Maybe it's possible to return something from within EXECUTE statement, but I have no idea of knowing unless I know what is the specific SQL engine.
  21. Apple: Intel Core i9 - Up to 4.8 GHz*** Linus: Single core performance matters the most for most of the tasks! MacBook: max 3.5 GHz on the Turbo Boost The year 2007 wants their clocks back!
  22. most likely it will. The difference is that when a Kickstarter project sinks, you have no say in the project/company/startup and you are only relying on the honesty, morale and manners of the startup founders to return remaining money, but once you own stocks of the startup, you have access to all information and financial status of the company. This may turn many projects into endless sinkholes and turning them into endless zombie projects that never produce anything. In that case, it's very hard to tell when you should cut the losses short, (i.e. should I dump another X million USD into the project and wait another 6 months, or should you just end it right now).