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  1. That show had exactly 30 seconds of worthwhile content before it turned to shit and stayed as such for the duration.
  2. Of the currently airing winter season anime I've seen, which is most of them, I gotta say there is a lot of stupid bullshit going on. The only one I've seen with any promise was Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. Meanwhile, the western counterpart to anime is trucking along better than ever. Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Bobs Burgers and so on. I think I'll rifle through my watch later list of cartoons and see if I've been missing out on gems while I was suffering this current anime tripe. At the very least I know I won't be seeing any shitty fan-service or other light novel type bullshit.
  3. Been watching some Ghibli films I hadn't seen before. They're mostly good stuff. Like Porco Rosso and The Cat Returns, but they aren't all winners, Tales From Earthsea was underwhelming to say the least.
  4. Well too each their own. And no, I don't pick anime based on whether they look current. Some of my favorites include Legend of Galactic Heroes, Berserk and Yu Yu Hakusho. Watching anime and using a website is not equivalent experiences.
  5. I suppose we should just go back to old layouts on every site then if it's so wasteful. By nice, I mean it looks current, rather than five years old. It does have other advantages too, but I am not adept at explaining things. So go experience it for yourself if you care, I guess.
  6. It was just a joke. I'm just very picky about aesthetics. Any tracker with a decent library will serve the purpose.
  7. MAL? Get that shit outta here boi. Hummingbird fo' lyfe. They have the same shit taste as everyone else, but at least the site looks nice.
  8. You watched a tame shota hentai. We are all very impressed.
  9. Saw the new Ghost in the Shell movie. It was pretty good. Also, Gundam Origin. Probably the best thing that came out last year.
  10. I'm watching the english dub for Ghost Stories and it's pretty much pure gold.
  11. Space Brothers is the most dragged out snore-fest there is. The others look like they are probably trash, but hey, I've been known to like trash from time to time. I guess I'll investigate.
  12. I've had at the very least a passing interest in this show. I suppose I will watch it then.
  13. A predictable outcome. And yet, still disappointing.
  14. Gonna be honest. Kind of went though it real fast-like to get it out of my to watch list.
  15. Indeed, barring any access to the internet it is better by far than having staring contests with the wall. I also spent 172 hours completing Fallout 4.
  16. In my long leave bereft of an internet connection, I completed the following: Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Great remake of a classic show. Solid space opera. Great characters. Great animation. Watch it. Diebuster: Different in tone to gunbuster. Decent characters. Good action. Watch it. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann [2nd viewing] Over the top mecha spectacle. One-note characters but generally likable. Watch it. Full Metal Panic!: Military mecha. Kind of mediocre. Decent characters. Take it or leave it Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid: Same as above. Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu: Slice of life spin-off. Boring. Skip it. FLCL: Tonally bizzare. Wierd animation. OK characters. Take it or leave it. Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: Pinnacle of GAR faire. Super power fighting. Unique characters. Unique powers. Rule of cool. Tomokazu Sugita as Joseph Joestar. Watch it. Eden of the east: Mystery. Decent characters. Very relaxed tone given the events that have taken place. Totally out of place supernatural elements. skip it. Outlaw star: Sci-fi action in space. Very little unnecessary expository dialogue. Unflattering retro animation. OK characters. Skip it. The Tatami Galaxy: Slice of life. College setting. Good characters. One of the very few shows with an opening worth sitting through. Dialogue delivered at a blistering pace, frequent pausing required. Unconventional animation. Watch it if you can keep up. Spice and Wolf: Slice of life. Economics. Good characters. Slow pace. Kind of boring. Take it or leave it. Mardock Scramble: The First Compression: Sci-fi action psychological drama. Great characters. Great action. Great animation. Watch it. Hitsugi no Chaica: Fantasy action adventure. Light comedy. Likable characters. Good animation. Take it or leave it. Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Magical girl deconstruction. Meh characters. Weird aesthetic choices. Shock-factor hook. Skip it. Hellsing Ultimate: Supernatural action. Rule of cool. Meh characters. Good action. Gore-fest. Take it or leave it.
  17. Katanagatari for sure. Not only did I re-watch Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann a few days ago, there is no question in my mind which I prefer. It is in my top three favorite anime of all time.
  18. Stop picking terrible shows you plebeians. Do not collect 200 dollars, go straight to jail.
  19. Here are shows that meet your criteria that are not utter tripe like that of Tokyo Ghoul or Akame ga Kill: Berserk Yu Yu Hakusho Akira
  20. I require that someone make an anime out of Teppuu. It has everything I want. A complex and likable main character, good side characters, not a shred of fan service despite being a majority female cast and fantastic, hard hitting fights in the form of MMA. No doubt studios would probably prefer to churn out more dreck. But it would be a good change of pace to see something like that get made. I think I would prefer Madhouse to make it.
  21. Full set of training gear: T-shirt, jacket, pants, shoes, gloves, cap, fanny pack, water bottle and neck warmer. Gonna start jogging/running. I also bought an e-cigarette and lots of fluid to wane off of smoking.