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  1. Yes... and? We're primarily PC games around these parts. You don't need to argue PCs strengths to us.
  2. I've been on YouTube for a very long time and I've boiled down the crap and from those, these are the people I put everything else on hold to watch at once: ChipCheezumLPs - Most informative, best edited lets plays on YouTube. Funny enough to get by nicely as well. DouchebagChocolat - Funniest anime reviewer on YouTube hands down. A good mix of sound argumentation and 'lul so random' humor done right. LinusTechTips - Best overall package of YouTube tech channels. Diverse tech, funny people, professional quality. MatthewMatosis - Best game reviewer on YouTube hands down. Not blinded by nostalgia or hype. TheSw1tcher - Funniest lets play channel on YouTube. Never stops being funny, no matter how many times you re-watch their stuff. TeamFourStar - Are responsible for Dragon Ball Z Abridged, the best abridged series on YouTube or elsewhere. Period.
  3. It depends on what you are looking for. If you like crafting, settlement building and management, exploration for the fun of it and would prefer an even more polished gameplay experience with combat than previous entries, yes. You will enjoy Fallout 4. If you are looking for fleshed out characters, dialogue choices, good storytelling, unique side quests, the ending slideshow, the general atmosphere of fallout and your choices mattering, you will not like Fallout 4 by comparison.
  4. As a matter of fact I have made videos. Vlogs, lets plays, walkthroughs, rants, amvs, reviews, unboxings, top tens and more besides. You name it, I tried it. In my time I probably posted upwards of a thousand videos. My unbound drive to create stuff was unfortunately left wanting when it came to the execution. All of those videos are deleted. Because they all made me cringe. And I sure wasn't about to subject other people to it. I'll probably get back to it whenever I find a format and subject that suits me and I've gained some confidence.
  5. I don't know if you've found that this method suffices, but I thought I'd direct you to DVDVideoSofts youtube downloading and conversion software anyway. They are all pretty nifty and easily workable.
  6. If you stroll on over to the forums Anime Club, you might get more useful feedback.
  7. Static for sure. I don't even use my portables on the move. I only ever use them at home.
  8. Hard to say. There are many great ones. But if i must whittle it down it is a tossup between The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Pokemon Omega Ruby.
  9. Exactly. I've found that ChipCheezumLPs do this the best on YouTube. He'll put info in little pop-ups that are indistinguishable from the game UI, play the game multiple times to get good takes or he wants to show off something specific and the commentary is fun and informative to boot.
  10. I've never seen it, but that intro is super catchy.
  11. Well, since it is rather lackluster for the purposes, I changed my avatar for the duration of this next post. And here: A perfect recreation of your avatar. Sans blur:
  12. It's just an in-joke. They tend to add nonsense extra options to polls just to have some fun.
  13. I like the new sets. It's not like LTT lost their charm by getting a more professional locale. They still obviously know how to have fun and the new space allows them to do so much more.
  14. Avericious


    Probably depends on what kind of teacher it is. Telling a responsible teacher will probably get you good results as compared to one that is given to dismiss it with some nonsense like "grow some balls" or "boys will be boys" etc.
  15. In other, more on-topic news, I have been watching Cromartie High School. It's a great comedy. The GAR, the dry humor. It all just works.
  16. People are looking real salty about now. I mean, I get it, people hate change and all that. Some things are missing and some things are broken, but you got to keep in mind that it has been live for like, a day. Give them a chance to smooth stuff out before whining so much.
  17. What are you smoking? XFX cards with this specific design philosophy are some of the best looking cards available.
  18. I quite like it. Being able to mark a post as informative or funny and so on is much more representative than likes ever were. The one thing I would replace is 'Friendly', I don't know with what, but it doesn't really fit and I see it used as basically a replacement for the 'like' when the other options don't quite fit in the simple way the old like system did. Maybe the thing to do would have been to keep like as a generic thing in addition to these new options. I dunno.
  19. As someone trying to learn FamiTracker, this guys is like a hero, this is the kind of stuff I want to be able to do eventually:
  20. My PC is about as good as you'd ever need. The only thing I want is the Acer Predator X34, so I guess i'd spend it on one of those and bank the rest.