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  1. Sharky

    VR Combat

    Aye totally liability nightmare but so much fun haha
  2. Sharky

    VR Combat

    This would be awesome at lLTX 2019 instead of boring VR RC car thing
  3. Are you a Huge Star Wars fan and Love Minecraft then what could be better than a Minecraft remake of Star Wars A new Hope, Youtuber Paradise Decay is remaking the classic using minecraft for the past 3 years and has released a trailer this could be more awesome than Star Wars: Episode VII Source http://www.cnet.com/uk/news/original-star-wars-film-getting-remade-in-minecraft/
  4. I was about to go and cancel my Netflix subscription but there is no android app for Amazon instant video
  5. Irn Bru Scotland's most popular soft drink and the best cure for a hangover is banned in Canada and US. My plans to one day visit the LTT team is down the drain lol http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-25867613
  6. I live in the UK and where do i get the best UK news..... inustechtips
  7. Hey Linus i look forward to watching the archive ill be at work So my question is, I think that hardest thing about uploading video's to you tube has to be the criticism I've no doubt it is why a many new starts these days fail how do you overcome this day after day?
  8. On Night i was having a beer or 2 watching Linus on youtube and MSI live update popped up blah blah click click click and off it goes updating then omg whats it doing updating the bios i starting cringing, updating the bios while half cut this is not going to end well Reboots and BSOD ARGHHH!!! a few hours later after much diagnosis and Stella i still i get BSOD now the fridge is now empty of to bed i go Next day wakes up ouch sore head goes into the bios and changes the IDE mode from AHCI back to Raid and of it goes lol
  9. Ive got a kingston hyper 3k 120gb for my boot drive got this because it was a good price and recommended by Logan 2*500gb seagate hard drive in raid 0 this was my old boot drives now used for steam and apps when i got these drives it was to replace a ageing 74gb WD raptor and couldn't afford a ssd at the time and there were i believe the fastest drives at the time 1TB seagate hard drive this was external hard drive that got as a present a few years ago I use it as an internal drive now for storage of music films and back ups finally i have a 2tb seagate hardrive which i got because the 1tb was not enough any more and it was cheep The old 74gb raptor is still running but now in the seagate external enclosure used for moving files
  10. Linus are you cooking meth this looks a lot like a cover for your money laundering B) happy birthday dude