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  1. Seriously,what a piece of shit forum this is..everyone thinks they are better than the other...can someone tell me how to delete my account...that would be great help
  2. I stopped reading as soon as i saw fiio E6...maybe some other time
  3. If its only as good as xonar stx soundcard i think i will pass
  4. Headphone doesn't give you the same experience as speaker,i am a moviephile so experience is more epic with the speakers for example Captain America winter soldier fight between Cap and Bucky we can actually feel the strength of punches if you have good speaker.But with headphone you can't..i can't really explain but some movies must be seen with speaker.My advice..go for smsl sa50 and Pioneer Andrew Jones BS22 or Teac SL 265HS(if you can get it for 150$ or less) and Tackstar HI 2050 and Schiit modi+SMSL SAPII...Tackstar is the best value for money headphone in the market..it has better Highs,mids,soundstage than ATH M50 and it costs only 40$ but don't let the price fool you..this headphone is compared to Beyerdynamic dt 880s and AKG q701..you can get it from ali express or amazon..look at review in head fi.. http://www.krish-tech.com/2014/12/tackstar-hi-2050-headphone-review.html This might help you understand why Speakers are better than headphone
  5. OK if that is how you want to play this,I know the fact that amp and DAC sounds better than PC built in DAC from watching videos and reading articles from real audiophiles who give actual comparisons between the two and I used to own a Asus xonar soundcard which I thought was great at first but after trying out schiit modi+smsl sapII amp completely blown the Xonar away..now what is your justification?..lol
  6. All those 7.1 soundcard from ASUS and creative offer fake surround,for actual surround sound experience you need an AV reciever and a front and rear bookshelf speaker with a powered subwoofer.Like pioneer bs22(front)+micca mb42x(rear) and a polk 50w or 100w subwoofer for a small room it's more than enough.But if you are satisfied with a 7.1 soundcard go ahead.Seriously bookshelf speaker+dac and amp is way better than any 5.1 or 7.1 from creative,logitech etc
  7. I recommend Audio engine D1 between the two of them.But i prefer schiit modi+smsl SapII amplifier over the audioengine D1 because D1 is usb power the headphone amplifier has limited power better to get a stand alone DAC and headphone amplifier with powersupply to get best performance from DT 990.By the way if you have never heard of smsl they get good reviews from budget audiophiles.Check out this forum for more information http://www.reddit.com/r/headphones/comments/15wunp/guide_dacs_and_amps/ http://www.reddit.com/r/Zeos/comments/2dk7la/guide_dacs_headphone_amps/
  8. If you are buying headphone like akg q702..you need a DAC and an AMP,there is no doubt in that no matter how expensive the motherboard,look at this link for reviews on best dac and amp http://www.reddit.com/r/Zeos/comments/2dk7la/guide_dacs_headphone_amps/
  9. First of all if you are looking for a new set of speakers you need to consider bookshelf speakers too,5.1 and 2.1 gaming speakers lack the audio quality and immersiveness of the Bookshelf speakers like Pioneer Andrew Jones BS22 or even a Micca MB42X sure the bass is there but you can build a kick ass bookshelf 5.1 or 2.1 system with a little more than overpriced gaming speakers like klipsch promedia and logitech crap.I am not going into detail about 5.1 so for 2 bookshelf speakers+headphone setup i recommend Schiit modi+magni combo and a smsl 50wpc sa50 amplifier for bookshelf speaker.You need to atleast listen to a bookshelf speaker before buying a 5.1 or 2.1.Powered speakers like Audioengine A5+ and M Audio BX5 D2 are also a good buy but there is premium for built in amp.If you game don't buy ATH M50,seriously overrated headphones i learned it in the hard way..for gaming open headphones like AKG Q701,beyerdynamic dt 990 all of the headphones you mention will do a good job provided they are open.As for headphones vs speakers you need them both..headphones give more performance for the money but speakers are more fun to listen to and i prefer speakers to headphone anyday unless the headphone is Audeze LCD 3 or sennheiser hd 800
  10. It already as an amp built in so why waste money in buying a Audioengine D1 if built in headphone amp is never used,better to buy a standalone DAC
  11. I use the Schiit modi DAC with my powered monitors and headphone with smsl amplifier...it is only 100$ and is very good for the price,and the looks they are just stunning next to a mac,look at Schiit higher end products if you want more expensive DAC
  12. I don't care if they are clone or not,if i can get a headphone with amazing good audio at dirt cheap price,i am buying i have used it for some time now and it's really good.Build quality and sound quality is better than my ath m40x