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    Software engineering, Gaming, PC building


  • CPU
    Core i7 6700k
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte gaming 7 z170
  • RAM
    32 gb gskill(8gbx4)
  • GPU
    Gigabyte gtx 1080 extreme sli
  • Case
    CM Storm Trooper
  • Storage
    Samsung 950 pro 256 gb, samsung 850 EVO 1TB+256gb, Muskhin Enhanced Reactor 1TB, WD Black 5TB
  • PSU
    Corsair RMi 1000
  • Display(s)
    Dell S2716DG, Samsung ku6290 40 inch UHD tv
  • Keyboard
    Corsair k95 rgb
  • Mouse
    Logitech g900, g500s, g502, g402, Razer DeathAdder Chroma,
  • Sound
    SoundBlaster zx, hd 598, ath m50x, dt 990 pro 250 ohms, akg k7xx
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 64bit

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  1. My pc specs: i9 9900k+RTX 2080 TI I currently own a TN panel (Dell s2716dg) and honestly speaking, my Samsung ku6300 tv (VA panel) blows it out of water in terms of image quality providing a way better cinematic experience in single-player games. However, I use my tv mainly for my ps4 pro and I do prefer pc games over consoles. I mainly play single-player games. With that being said, I am considering switching to Samsung VA panels for my pc gaming as well. I do have some questions though: I know the panel has a flickering issue with gsync. How much gsync matter if my games run over 120 fps and my monitor refresh rate is set to 240HZ with gsync off? Does it provide a smoother experience? I couldn't tell the difference on my dell gsync monitor between gsync on and off when games are running over 120 fps but more expert's opinion would be welcomed Should I look for any other panels? I prefer to buy monitors from only a handful few brands (Samsung, LG, Dell and Asus only). Should I wait a few months to see if Samsung irons out the gsync flickering issue if gsync does provide a better experience? I might plan to keep my dell as well if gsync does matter but at this stage, i am kinda undecided Thanks
  2. Greetings,I am looking for a portable DAC/amp recommendation for driving my Beyerdynamic 250 ohms headphones. At home, I use a Soundblaster Omni surround with my MacBook pro. But I am looking for something that is portable, that I can use with iPhone XS max as well as my work laptop (MacBook air) at the workplace or when I am walking around, so it should be portable and easier to put into pocket/carry.My budget is around 100-150 USD and I reside in Vancouver, Canada. So amazon.ca or eBay I think will be my source for purchase.Do you guys have any recommendation? Thanks
  3. So my situation is kinda unique, in a sense that I only play games 4-6 hours every weekend, and almost 0 on weekdays. And currently, most of the games I do play are ps4 exclusives or only available on consoles( like red dead redemption 2, horizon zero dawn, Spiderman, etc). Most of the pc titles I play are fairly old (like I am still playing Witcher 3, Far cry 5, GTA V and so on). I mostly game on 1440p on pc. I recently am upgrading so the rest of the config looks after the upgrade will look like this: i9 9900k on Noctua NH D15 (upgrading from i7 6700k) Gigabyte Z390 Aorous Pro Wifi 32 GB ram 970 pro-512gb as primary windows drive, 950 pro 256 GB as Linux boot drive, 1 TB 850 Evo, Mushkin reactor 1tb, 5 TB WD Black So I was looking at benches and was going through the forum and it seems like rtx 2080 ti will definitely be an upgrade over gtx 1080 sli, but not by a wide margin. I do get 70-80+ fps in most games, and even 100+ in GTA V so they are perfectly playable. Since I don't game that much and gtx 1080 sli are almost on par with rtx 2080 ti, should I wait a year for rtx 3080 ti and upgrade then or should I upgrade now? Thanks
  4. I am kinda noob on this topic, I have a creative soundblaster zxr installed on my pc and usually use Beyerdynamic DT 990 pro 250ohms, akg k7xx, sen hd 6xx or hd 598 and I am pretty satisfied with my soundcard. However, I used akg k7xx on ps4 as well as Xbox one s, and they sound okay, but nothing like my pc level(considering the fact my pc has a good sound card). So i was looking for a good DAC/amp combo for my ps4 as well as Xbox one s. Budget is a bit tight and around 200 CAD (Or 158 USD) I did some research and found out about astro mixamp pro, and I heard good and bad things about it, on the other hand, schit stack is a bit too expensive for me. So I am looking for/open to any kind of suggestion. I an basically a casual gamer who solely use console for single player games. So no multiplayer or competitive gaming will be played on those setup. Thanks in advance.
  5. I already own soundblaster zxr for my main gaming pc, and planning to get a schit stack for my other laptops. I was wondering, is getting the soundblaster ae-5 worth upgrading from zxr? I use my pc mainly for gaming, and I usually use dt 990 pro, ad700x, sen hd 598 and akg k7xx and will be gettting a sen hd6xx soon. I am a complete noob in this topic, so apologizing in advance for my noobness
  6. Yes, I do agree somewhere in the middle is the best option.
  7. Oh nooo. Anyway i I wanted a Hwc scrapyard wars and I am getting one. Yeaaaaa
  8. I was wondering, do you LMG guys have plans to go against hardware canucks, since both of you guys are canadians and they are also a very good techtubers themselves?
  9. https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824260237&cm_re=dell_p2415q-_-24-260-237-_-Product I think it is a solid deal since most outlets are selling this monitor at around 600-700 CAD.
  10. Hey yeah I know that Luke and other people are from BCIT( I actually know everyone's profile in LMG except that Ivan guy) and I do apologize that if I hurt any one of the others(both the lmg stuffs and forum members)about the UBC thing. I didn't know about Linus being in UBC, thats awesome to hear. Great to see you guys making a big name for yourselves and your company and we are really proud of you guys.
  11. Hey nick, thanks for your answer. i just saw your linkedin account, and was delighted to find that you are an alumni from UBC Sauder. I am a current 3rd year computer engineering student there too. Great to see another ubc alumni as well. mind if i ask u, and if u don't answer, i will not mind, how many UBC graduates do you guys have? I know that yvone and james are from UBC science and you from Sauder, is there anyone else?
  12. So is it something like you are claimed by full screen, they may or may not take a small cut of your earning but they pitch all of their channels to advertisers which in turn allows you to connect with new advertisers, right?
  13. I was wondering, i thought linus media group was a privately held autonomous company. But wikipedia and socialblade say their channels are owned by full screen network. I hardly see any mention of such thing in their videos. So can anyone explainnthis thing?