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  1. I have it plug in my receiver, but it is still quiet
  2. I'm new to turntables and recently got a technics sl b5. I put a audio technica vm95c on it and have a Pro-Ject Audio Phono Box DC. The problem is that it is still very quiet and a lot of static. I'm not sure if the turntable is broken or not. When I got the turntable i put a new belt on it and that was it.
  3. I'm looking for the best gaming monitor that can everything - gaming, great for movies, colors, brightness(HDR). I'm looking at the ASUS pg27uq, I like the price around $1200. Also the ACER X27, but it is still around $2000. The Acer has the quieter fan in it but i don't really care. Is there any other monitor as good as these I should consider or anything I should wait on. I'm not up to date with new monitor tech coming out.
  4. I have a Asus x99 Deluxe 2. on AI Suite 3 it shows CPU fan a N/A and CHA fan 1 as !. CHA fan 2 works fine. CPU fan and CHA fan 1 run at 100%
  5. Its weird that is stop working and then get on here ask for help then starts working
  6. I dont know what just happend but it works know
  7. I have uninstalled and steampowered.com dosnt work
  8. This is the 3rd day of this error. The error code is 118 FAILED TO LOAD WEB PAGE (UNKOEN ERROR). I cant even get to the steam web site on my computer, laptop, or phone. But it works on my brother and moms stuff. Eveything is working fine on my pc but STEAM. In steam it says Im online but the store and community stuff is not working. I cant even play online games.
  9. But other motherboards can be set to boot from the M.2 and have something in the that says M.2. My motherboard says nothing about M.2 in the bios. Is there an update for my board or something.