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  1. Username: TheRealSkyFall Videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/P7U9FOT4G https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf Social posts: https://www.facebook.com/michael.oppliger/posts/10203527777384776 https://twitter.com/michaeloppliger/status/580270290070044672 https://vk.com/wall295811311_2
  2. It's just about building a system that runs 24/7 and that consumes as few power as possible. Since it doesn't really need to do a thing (running windows and office if things get out of hand) performance isn't a point.
  3. Hey guys, I already asked google and found nothing that answers my question... Which is the lowest power CPU you can get for an actual platform? (1155, 1150, AM1, AM3(+), FM2(+)) The least power using CPUs I found were the Intel Celeron G1840 and the AMD Athlon 5150/5350... The question is solely about power consumption, but it should be capable of running windows. I hope you guys can help me... Best regards, SkyFall
  4. I would still go with AM1, since OP won't need the extra power the J1900 delivers and probably rather want a system consuming less power.
  5. Yes it does. The mainboards are almost identical, ASUS H81M-PLUS vs ASUS A88XM-PLUS, the only real difference is that the A88 has one Fan-connector more (which comes in handy in most cases(pun counter, LTT style))
  6. Hey guys, I own both an fm2+ and 1150 mobo and I want to build a cheap gaming pc for my brother (8gb RAM recycled from another pc, R9 270x recycled, WD 1TB HDD recycled), so now I have to decide between the core i3s and an athlon x4 860K. I have the following options: 860K: 75$ 4150: 116$ 4330: 137$ I'm more driven towards the 860K, because it is almost half as expensive as the i3 4330... And price/performance is best at the 860K too.... The Mobos: ASUS A88XM-PLUS ASUS H81M-PLUS Thanks for your opinions!
  7. I'd start a poll, easier to read results., I'd choose the i5, if budget isn't strongly limited.
  8. Integrated chips(intel) are more than enough if you do office and some flash/browser games. AMD APUs are even enough for 1080p gaming on lowest settings and good for 720p gaming. EDIT: I sadly have no clue what you can fit in a NES case, but I would go with an APU from AMD.
  9. I guess that the G-Skills would fit if I mount the fan a bit higher, as it is stated in the scythe-forums. I only found Kingston HyperX Fury HX318C10FK2/16 2x8gb cl10 1866; but it's only about 10$ cheaper. So, since the price difference is so low, I'd either stick with 2133 instead of 1866.
  10. I'm now stuck between Kingston HyperX Savage DDR3 2x8GB 2133MHz(HX321C11SRK2/16) and G.Skill DDR3 2133MHz 4x4GB(F3-17000CL11Q-16GBXL) What do you think? EDIT: We three could as well speak german ;-)
  11. The main problem I have, is that the most 4x4GB RAMs I found won't stick underneath my cooler, and the ones that do are 50-100$ more expensive.
  12. I guess I won't upgrade RAM again, since 1155 systems will be quite outdated by 2018 or so. So I only have to decide whether to go with 4x4GB (which is more expensive and less common here) or 2x8GB (the one I stated in the first post fits under every CPU-Cooler)
  13. Well, I guess I'd stick with my mobo/cpu config for at least 2 years, but my point is: Since my mobo only has dual-channel support, it shouldn't make any difference?
  14. Hey guys, I just want to hear some opinions on my question whether of the following RAM I should choose: Kingston HyperX Savage DDR3 2x8GB Kit 2133MHz (for 150$) OR any alse 4x4GB RAM configuration? (Note that they have to stick underneath my Scythe Mugen 4 on my GA-Z77-D3H mainboard) Thanks for your answers!
  15. If you take the bills in your hand anyways, then I would suggest to upgrade to Haswell; H81 mobo and a i5-4460 or similar. It'll cost you about 300$, but it's a real improvement and lasts you at least for 2 years, and you'll be able to upgrade to an i7 later.
  16. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: AMD A4-4000 3.0GHz Dual-Core Processor ($31.95 @ SuperBiiz) Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-D3H Micro ATX FM2+ Motherboard ($58.99 @ NCIX US) Total: $90.94 Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available Generated by PCPartPicker 2015-01-30 04:14 EST-0500 Doesn't look bad and supports 2x PCIe x16
  17. The reason I'm asking the communtity is because I don't really have time to get everything out of my Cooler Master K280, mount the other cooler, get everything back inside (plug HDDs im the right way, since RAID is used) just to realize that I had no benefit at all.
  18. Hey guys, I currently use the Mugen 4 on my 3770K OC'd to 4.5GHz running at peak heath of 80°C. Now, I got an NH-D14 for free from a colleague, so I'd like to know from you wether I should stick with the Mugen 4 or replace it with the NH-D14. Thanks for your answers.
  19. I don't think so, but maybe someone knows better.
  20. Hey guys, Does anyone knows if there'll be ASIC support for BOINC & F@H software?
  21. I got 1'000'000 in approx. 5 days, even with my medium budget builds... (with 2 CPUs and 1 GPU folding)
  22. The iGPU of an A10 (e.g. 5800k) eats the pentiums hd graphics by far. But since you would mostly stream or playback, you won't really see any differences. As stated previously, if you want to play browsergames or older games at 1080p, you'll need something a bit faster than a pentium...
  23. I'm folding with my 3770K (OC: 4.5GHz) and R9 270 (OC:1100MHz) I get about 22K PPD with my CPU and 80~100k PPD with my GPU. Then I fold on the i5 3470 at work and get around 12k PPD. Maybe i can organize some xeon cores from non-utilized servers at work. :-)
  24. I'm not sure about watchdogs, especially about further updates... since some of the high-end games like Far Cry 4 won't start if it doesn't detect at least 4 cores. if you want the cheapest quadcore you can get, go with the AMD Athlon x4 860K, it is slower than the G3258 in single-threaded applications but almost equal in multi-threaded applications. If I would be you, I'd go with the cheapest i5 on a Z97 mainboards, since you'll be able to upgrade it when new CPUs arrive.
  25. So, like everytime in IT, we can say: It depends. It depends on what you want to do with your build. If you want to playback videos or use it as a mediacenter, the cheapest option (Athlon 5350) will do fine. If you want to play some games with it, go with an A10 APU (Favorable the 5800K, since it's 5~10% slower than 6800K but a lot cheaper). If you really want to play games at high settings with the machine, go with either an i3 or i5 (budget option is 860K, awesome little chip!) and get a decent GPU like AMDs R9 series as well as the R7 260x and R7 265. Additionally, you'll need at least 8 gigs of RAM. Thanks for your comments so far!