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    Intel Core i7 3770k
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    Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H
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    Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB 1866MHz
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    Zotac GTX 980
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    Cooler Master K280
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    Corsair CX600M
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    BenQ RL2455HM, Dell 1907FP
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    Scythe Mugen 4
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    Roccat Isku
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    Sharkoon Shark Force
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    Logitech Z130
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  1. Dear forum, dear internet I just wanted to quickly share my experience with getting an MSI AMD Radeon RX 570 to run in my Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H rev. 1.0 mainboard. This forum seemed to be about right TL;DR: Take screenshots of your current BIOS settings. Update GA-Z77-D3H to the beta BIOS release F23b. Restore settings to what they were before the update manually (beware of the SATA controller's IDE mode! Make sure it's set to AHCI). The story in all it's glory: I had been running a GTX 980 with this Mainboard paired with an i7-3770k for years and bought myself an MSI Radeon RX 570 4G OC because I felt that AMDs Linux drivers were superior. After installing the new GPU, the computer would boot, the GPU's fans would spin up, but there would be no video out from the GPU. Video out on the iGPU however worked flawlessly. So I started diagnosing the problem at hand: The BIOS itself was updated to the latest stable release F22 and I couldn't find any option to list installed PCIe devices to see wether it even detected the new GPU. When running the lspci command on my Fedora Linux installed, it didn't list the new GPU. So I desperately turned to our Overlord Google and quickly found out that Gigabyte mainboards proved to be rather picky with the GPUs they wanted to work with, and also that Gigabyte seemed to abandon their mainboards rather quickly. So I decided to take the risk and upgrade my current BIOS release F22 to the latest available beta (released in 2014...) F23b. Unfortunately, all the settings were defaulted after the update... (Note to future self: ALWAYS TAKE SCREENSHOTS OF IMPORTANT SETTINGS, YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER BY NOW!) Thus I had to set all my overclocks, UEFI, SATA and pheripherial settings again. So please keep in mind the saying "Do as I say, not as I do" and review and screenshot your BIOS settings before every update! To every reader who made it this far: You're awesome! Grab yourself a refreshing/reheating drink And don't forget: Backup your data. RAID is not a backup. An untested backup is no backup at all.
  2. Shame on me, I was mistaken by the IP address. Somehow I didn't look at it carefully and assumes it read instead of So this actually is not a private IP address that could be used as a gateway. over on the foldingforum, I got the information that this could be related to my GPU not being supported due to the lack of double precision capabilities. Link: https://foldingforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=106&t=31905 However, I find this behaviour by FAH servers very strange and I hope that this behaviour will be replaced by something more useful. Like a message or log entry stating that the GPU is unsupported instead of being put in a loop where the machine constantly tries to reach a server that's not responding.
  3. For this months challenge I installed FAH-Client 7.5.1 on multiple machines. On the ones I connected to the internet via android tethering, I get this weird WU assignment. Somehow the Work Assignment server misdirects my local client installation to the gateway IP address of my phone. A reinstall didn't help, I hope that somebody here can assist.
  4. I respect your choice on how to do sponsored videos and in which way you disclose this fact. Even though I think it's more than clear that this is essentially an advert, I really do miss any mention of competitors, especially since the AMD platform really has to be considered at this time. For future sponsored content, I would appreciate a more differentiated approach on presenting solutions/products from companies. IMHO, it would be fair to mention some "flaws" or "downsides" of the presented products. However, I think this video has been greatly done and I appreciate the effort you put into it. Thanks for always trying your best!
  5. @LinusTech this is a fan for rookies. The 388W fan from EBM Papst is a fan for real pros.
  6. I can confirm the same for Folding@Home. See screenshot attached.
  7. Since the CPU is an engineering sample, I think there are thermal and power limitations at this time which doesn't allow the new CPU to clock higher. But this will change.
  8. If you just need monitor outputs, get the cheapest you can find from your preferred store. If you want an efficient card which also folds, get something like the GTX 750. (about 100$)
  9. That's pretty nice. I would fold on if I would be you. Let @LinusTech speak about CPU temps:
  10. Maybe you can do it with flags in the advanced control settings. However, your CPU temps are pretty fine. (Especially since you probably don't plan to use this CPU for more than 10 years) Just keep in mind that the power draw vs F@H points ratio of CPUs is pretty bad. If power is as expensive as here (0.26$ per kWh) you could consider stopping CPU-Folding. But on the other hand, every tiny bit helps.
  11. If you are interested in donating your computing capability, try folding@home and/or boinc
  12. Are you using Windows 7? (There's a core limit in each version, 32bits has 16 and 64bits has 32 I believe) I never had any problems running some servers with 40+ cores while running windows server 2012r2.
  13. Do not waste your time and money (and battery life too) for stuff that's no longer worth it. Cryptomining is practically dead for years (if you don't buy specialised equipment) Go with Folding@Home or BOINC instead, if you want to use your computing power for a benefit.
  14. There is either a problem with your internet service (DNS, Gateway) or with the F@H servers, since your client is unable to connect to those.